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Samsung’s new smart oven is perfect for… Twitch streamers?


Samsung has launched the new Samsung Bespoke AI Oven smart oven, capable of broadcasting live what happens inside

Samsung's new smart oven is perfect for... Twitch streamers?
At first glance it looks like a normal oven, but inside it hides a most curious function

The smart ovens they are not something new. Firms such as Samsung or LG have been developing household appliances of this type for some time, equipped with different “smart” features or connection capabilities that make it easy to use and control. However, during the CES 2023 which is taking place in Las Vegas, Samsung wanted to go one step further with his new Custom AI oven.

And it is that, among the functions that make it an “intelligent oven” it is possible to find a automatic food recognition systemthat suggests to the user the most appropriate time and temperature parameters depending on the food that is going to be prepared. In addition, it includes a “burn detector” that prevents food from cooking more than necessary.

Although none of that is truly striking. And, Samsung has decided that one of the best ways to take advantage of the integrated camera pointing into the oven is giving the user the option to broadcast live what happens in the oven

The “streamer oven” will be available for purchase in the third quarter of 2023

The Bespoke AI Oven is part of the series Made to size from Samsung, and as such, is available in different customizable finishes to suit the user (there will be up to five colors to choose from). At first glance, it looks like a normal oven if it weren’t for its 7-inch diagonal touch screenfrom which it is possible to modify the parameters of the oven or check the cooking status of the food.

It also has a “push to open” opening systemeliminating the need to add a dedicated handle to the opening. When it’s time to cook, the Bespoke AI Oven has several modes, including an “air fryer mode”, steam cooking or dual temperature zones.

Its intelligent recognition system is capable of detect up to 80 different dishes and ingredientsaccording to Samsung. However, the version that will be sold in Europe will be even more “intelligent”, being able to expand this number up to 106 plates through the Sense Inside system trained with different AI algorithms.

In addition, only the European version will have the “burn detector”.

Other oven functions (included on both the US and European models) are integration with SmartThings Cooking and Samsung Healththat allow to analyze the dietary needs of the users and establish objectives, or the recording mode that will allow to broadcast in video or images what happens inside the oven.

Unfortunately, Samsung has not confirmed What will the price be of your new smart oven. We will have to wait until the moment of its release on the market, scheduled for the third quarter of the yearto be able to leave doubts.

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