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Say goodbye to Satoshi’s 25-year journey and launch a new Pokemon anime with a whole new set of characters in 2023.


Saturday, December 17, 2022 at 7:31:39 AM, Indochina time.

After the past, one of many childhood characters like Satoshi, a young boy 10 years who want to be Pokemon Master Including being one of the characters that is remembered by fans around the world to the animePokemon until the last part Pokemon Journey Finally, Satoshi was able to win the championship. Masters Eight Tournament of Pokemon World Coronation Series After more than a few failures from winning 25 year, which can read more details atthis article

And it seems that after an important character like Satoshi can win the world championship successfully Looks like it’s time to pass the baton. In the latest trailer, a new chapter has been announced. Pokémon 2023 And it doesn’t look like Satoshi will join the journey as a symbol of the world. Pokemon again, because it will be a new group of characters like Liko and Roy The anime will premiere in the month. April 2023 and this new anime will be picked Pokemon in the game sector Scarlet and Violet come and use

Although Satoshi’s role ends in the next chapter, at present, Satoshi still has to move on a bit. Because the team has prepared to release a special episode of Pokemon that will begin airing. December 23 as an epilogue to Satoshi’s journey

Also in January 23, 2023 will be released Pokemon A special chapter that will conclude Satoshi’s journey since receiving Pikachu, starting from the first part in the year. 1997 Until reaching the last part like Pokemon Journey in year 2022 all 11 section

It was the beautiful end of the world. Pokemon in anime version that made a beautiful ending And should make many people feel overwhelmed with Satoshi’s great journey of 25 years, which must continue to wait and see whether the conclusion of Pokemon How will this be? And in this new sector, how interesting will the story be? have to wait and follow each other

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