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scammers switched to private messages


Caution, messengers: scammers have switched to private messages

How is the government fighting cyberfraud and will new methods work?

In Russia, cases of fraud in instant messengers have become more frequent. Attackers send links to phishing sites and malware under the guise of regular ones. Alexander Khinshtein, chairman of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technology and Communications, said that measures to combat the problem need to be strengthened.

About this politician wrote in his telegram channel on July 10. According to him, the number of such attacks since the beginning of the year has increased two to three times.

“After the adoption of our bills on blocking calls and SMS messages from abroad using spoof numbers, as well as on administrative liability for telecom operators for missing such numbers, the number of fraudulent calls has significantly decreased. The attackers had to look for new ways and go to messengers,” Khinshtein said.

The politician also noted that “a new type of cyber fraud has appeared in Russia – hackers have begun to mass attack users of instant messengers.” He urged “think about additional methods to combat fraud, but already in instant messengers.”

In June, Senator Artem Sheikin suggested oblige regional operators to join existing number verification systems to combat fraud.

Then the number of telephone fraud attempts reached 8.6 million cases per day. Replacement numbers were used in most cases. According to Sheikin, only now only four federal telecom operators have their own blocking systems and by 2024 they will join the state Antifraud program. At the same time, regional companies do not have verification systems.

It remains to be hoped that the new measures will really help reduce the activity of intruders and increase confidence in telecom operators.

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