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SkyShowtime has one of my favorite series and it is worth every chapter for this very summer


The series offers us a very different vision of the world of the mafia.

SkyShowtime has one of my favorite series and it is worth every chapter for this very summer
This series is one of the great surprises and Sylvester Stallone is once again at the height

Very recently he disembarked the SkyShowtime catalog in our country and with it came quite iconic series that we had not yet been able to enjoy, such as “Yellow Stone”, “Halo” or the series that I am going to talk about today and that I found to be an incredibly entertaining work and that have to contribute a lot at a time when the series is reaching an anchor point in which innovation is not the strongest point. On the other hand, this one is very original and It has enchanted me.

My favorite series is on SkyShowtime

In Tulsa King we follow the story of Dwight Manfredi (Sylvester Stallone), a mafia boss who has been imprisoned for nearly twenty years and who, when he is released, is sent by his family to establish the business in Tulsaa quiet little town in the United States. In this way, the protagonist will have the obligation to update himself, since when he entered prison there were no smart mobile phones and technology was not so advanced. This first clash will be very important for him, but it is not the only thing he will have to adapt to.

In any case, Tulsa King not only shines for its humor, but when the series has to take itself seriously, it does so without problems and addresses very interesting topics typical of the mafia series most famous on the small screen scene. This makes it a very entertaining tragicomedy in which we can enjoy both a drama very well carried out in the father-son relationship of the protagonist and the characteristic humor of his relationships with other characters.

  • Sylvester Stallone’s performance is very good. The truth is that he is a rather underappreciated actor, largely due to the poor choice of roles and for its endless action sagas. However, when he does a decent role you can see his worth.
  • The plot takes us to a very original world in which Stallone is totally disconnected from reality after spending decades in jail.
  • Also, the characters are quite cartoonish, but in a good way. They are all funny, funny and offer a certain depth despite their clear humorous intent.
  • In general, the production values ​​are very good and show a Tulsa as opposed to the big city with the classic cliché between big cities and rural areas. Thus, although there is crime in both places, the cities are much more dangerous in this worldview.
  • The villains are also really interesting, allowing us to understand their ambitions. Although perhaps in this case they are the ones that suffer the most from a higher level of stereotyping than the main characters lack.
  • One of the action scenes is surprisingly good, showing Sylvester Stallone in a rarely seen role.

The series has convinced critics but where it has triumphed has been in the public. In rotten tomatoes has an acceptance of 91% among the general publicwhile critics endorse this production with 71%.

You can watch Tulsa King on SkyShowtime if you have a subscription to the platform.

Watch “Tulsa King” on SkyShowtime

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