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so you can sign up to download it for free


Pokémon Sleep is coming to Android at the end of the summer and will allow you to catch more Pokémon as you get more and better sleep.

The new Pokémon game is already on Google Play: so you can sign up to download it for free
Very soon you will be able to collect Pokémon while you sleep with your Android mobile!

It’s been a long time since The Pokémon Company had promised us to dream about Pokémonalthough the truth is that on mobile platforms we have had to wait a long time to see the company’s new game, pokemon dreambecome reality on our smartphones. And it is that here pokemon go and his augmented reality they were still the stars.

Be that as it may, and although four years have passed that have made most of us forget about him, the truth is that We finally know how Pokémon Sleep will work on Android and iOSoffering “a gaming experience unlike any other” that It will allow us to capture Pokémon while we sleep.

It’s official that Pokémon Sleep will arrive later this summer both the Apple platform and the Google Play Store, which is also the only store where you can pre-register to know everything and download the game before anyone else. Right here we leave you the link:

pokemon dream

As we were told by friends of PhoneArenathe new title of The Pokémon Company will record and monitor our sleepcharacterizing it in three categories for the quality of rest: nap, doze or sleep.

So that, playing is as simple as placing the mobile next to the pillow (if this is very healthy) and let Pokémon Sleep do its magic scoring the rest and offering us, according to the category, that more or less Pokémon surround Snorlax when we wake up in the morning.

The idea seems simple, and it is that we will be able to capture more little monsters as we rest better and longer, thus encouraging us to improve our sleep habits in a simple and fun way. Maybe this will help help with the little ones in the houseconvincing them to go to bed earlier!

In addition, each Pokémon will have a different dream style, and the objective will be to complete our dream Pokédex keeping Snorlax very strong and well cared for.

For now there is no specific date for the landing of Pokémon Sleepwhich also leaves us with a good contradiction… If on the one hand it can be positive by encouraging us to improve the quality of sleep, perhaps the best way is not the best taking the mobile to bed with us. Do not you believe it?

At least you will have statistics of your restwith the hours at which we have fallen asleep and woken up, an analysis of the quality, even the noises we make while we sleep and some additional information.

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