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So you can use ChatGPT directly from Google search


Use ChatGPT directly in the browser thanks to an extension that allows you to integrate it into Chrome and Firefox. We explain how to do it, step by step.

So you can use ChatGPT directly from Google search
This is how ChatGPT looks directly integrated into the Google search engine thanks to a very simple trick.

ChatGPT is the true protagonist of the moment in the world of technology, all people want talk to him chatbot smartest for their witty answers. Fortunately, you can use ChatGPT free and online from the mobile and from the PCit’s included use it directly from the search Google. With the simple trick that we explain in this article, ChatGPT will be integrated into your web browser, either Google Chrome Firefox.

You only need a minute to carry out a simple procedure that we detail step by step. When you’re done, you’ll see how the popular chatbot appears directly in the browser to answer to all your searches. We have already tried this trick and, to be honest, it’s very comfortable be able to talk to ChatGPT from Google search.

How to use ChatGPT directly from Google search

Thanks to a Chrome extension called ChatGPT for Google, the chatbot best known at the moment can work directly from Google Chrome. Note, this extension is also available for Firefox, in case you use this browser. The first step you should take is get in on the web of ChatGPT for Google and click on the corresponding button web browser you use on your computer.

ChatGPT for Google | Chrome Web Store

In this way, you will directly access the ChatGPT for Google installation page in the browser. We have done it with Google Chrome, so the screenshots that we will show you will be based on the Google browser. Once inside the extension installation page, you must click on the button “Add to Chrome”. When the download is finished, you will see how ChatGPT already appears to the right of the search results.

However the chatbot will not start answering your questions from the start, you must first login with your account. When you enter with your data, you will see how ChatGPT starts working to give you the answers you are looking for. For example, we we have consulted several mathematical operations and he has known how to answer us in a matter of seconds. In addition to giving us the answers, also explain the procedure until you get to them.

From now on, when you search in Chrome you will not only find the answer from the Google engine, you will also find the results of your question in ChatGPT. Keep in mind that you do not have to pay anything to use this extension called ChatGPT for Google, it is completely free.

As we have mentioned, the only requirements are to use the Chrome or Firefox browsersas well as have an account in ChatGPTwhich is also free. Below we show you a video in which you can clearly see how ChatGPT for Google works on your computer.

if you use this chatbot on your computer, you should know that there are very interesting and useful ChatGPT plugins for your PC. Remember that you can use this incredible technology to to learn a new languageto solve mathematical operations, to receive advice on your lifestyle, to plan your trips and even to participate in word games and riddlesnow directly from Google search.

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