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so you can use it to control your TV


No more looking for the remote control between the sofa cushions: the new Google Home has come to save you.

The Google Home app becomes a remote control: so you can use it to control your TV
The remote control integrated in the Google Home app allows you to control your TV without using the remote

Google has updated its Google Home app to add a very useful function, which can save you from more than one trouble on some occasions. The app has been updated to introduce touch controls for televisions and other devices transmission connected, so you can forget about the remote control.

This function has been announced by Google itselfand although some users could already use it for a while, now it is already available to all users of the application

Control your TV or speaker from your mobile

As you can see in the screenshot shared by Google, This new function brings to your mobile some controls similar to those of a remote controlincluding buttons to turn the volume up and down, mute the audio, turn the device on or off, or control content playback.

Google explains that controls don’t just work on tvsbut also allow remote control of other devices transmission connected.

The new virtual “remote control” integrated into Google Home replaces the current controls, quite basic and lacking many of the options that the new version introduces. In addition, the design of this new remote control has been adapted to the Material Design 3 lines.

For now, only some Google Home users they can visualize the new type of remote control on their Android smartphones and tablets. A good way to make sure you’re among the first to hear about Google Home news is to sign up for the previous version of the application through the Google Home Settingsaccessing the section called “Public preview version”.

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