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Square Enix revealed that Triangle Strategy has gone through an incredible sales event.


Saturday, December 24, 2022, 8:41:44 PM Indochina time.

Triangle Strategy able to surpass important events Because the latest game genre Tactical RPG from Square Enix Sold over one million copies worldwide. The game is out now on both. Nintendo Switch and PC game Triangle Strategy received positive reviews. It has been praised for its excellent storytelling, deep combat system. and interesting characters

Square Enix debut Triangle Strategy in March 2022 for Nintendo Switch by presenting players with games RPG streak Tactical RPG type turn-based The newest developed by the team behind Bravely Default and Octopath Traveler The game takes place on the continent. Norzelia traumatized by war In which players must control a party of up to 12 characters to navigate through a complex conflict that has ripped through this fictional land.

accounting Twitter the official Triangle Strategy announced that the game has sold over one million copies worldwide. through sales both physically and digitally and to celebrate this milestone Square Enix reduced the price of the game Triangle Strategy on Steam and Nintendo Switch by offering a discount of up to 40%

discount for Triangle Strategy This happened during Winter Sale of Steam which runs from December 15 to January 5 (23 December – 6 January, Thailand time) game Tactical RPG of Square Enix available at a price $ 35.99 (about 1,249 baht) from normal price $ 59.99 (about 2,083 baht) by Deluxe Edition of Triangle Strategy also reduced the price at $ 38.99 (about 1,354 baht) from $ 64.99 (about 2,257 baht)

Note: The price in Thailand for the normal version of Triangle Strategy is 1,194 baht, while the Deluxe Edition is 1,290 baht.

Triangle Strategy Available now on Nintendo Switch and PC(Steam)

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