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Steve Jobs had the key to stand out in job interviews: these were his tips


Steve Jobs was a real provocateur in job interviews to see how future workers responded.

Steve Jobs had the key to stand out in job interviews: these were his tips
Steve Jobs was clear about the keys to succeed in a job interview

Steve Jobs is possibly the most mythical and controversial figure in the history of technology. He made big decisions catapulted Apple to be the most valuable company in history becoming worth a billion dollars. Jobs was clear about the enemy of productivity and in general other fundamental aspects in the history of technology were much clearer. She had an incredibly marked personality, something that can be seen perfectly in the the way he walked and also in his way of dressing. How could it be otherwise, he also spoke at length about the importance of job interviews and the recruitment of personnel, making it clear how to act.

Steve Jobs’ strategy in job interviews

Steve Jobs had a mechanic basic to know who to hire. In fact, he occupied much of his day to day in job interviews since he considered that the selection process was key to the future of the company. Therefore, he tried to put the workers in serious trouble hoping to look for an argument or a debate in which the employees will take the opposite. The last thing Jobs wanted in his job was sycophants, so he was always looking for people who would try to take the opposite because he considered that this showed that the ideas were firm. Besides, he also wanted to bother them telling them that their work was not very good.

Many times in an interview I annoy someone on purpose, I criticize their previous work…

In this way, he tried to see how they were able to defend themselves and defend your work with tenacity and enough passion to demonstrate that they were deserving of being part of one of their companies. During this interview, he had just returned to Apple in 1997, after his time at NeXT, a company he joined when he was expelled from Cupertino and which finally ended up being bought by the brand again.

Finally, he needed the workers to have a enormous adaptability. Although his convictions were iron, it was necessary that adapt to the changes of the timesthanks to which they would be able to progress and improve remarkably.

All this appears in the book “In the company of giants”, in which various interviews with technology gurus appear, including of course the well-known CEO of Apple.

In short:

  • Steve Jobs was trying to embarrass his future workers.
  • He thought that the worst thing they could do was agree with him.
  • For this reason, he released arguments hoping that they would not agree with him and that they would logically position themselves against him.
  • I also wanted people to be adaptable, to be able to change their thinking over the years.

Jobs’ personality was always very vibrant and has generated great admiration for his way of seeing things. Such is so even its objects have been revalued over timeas a check he signed in 1976.

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