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Stream Hatchet reveals the most viewed YouTube streamers of 2022.


Sunday, January 15, 2023, 8:58:26 p.m. Indochina time

The streaming analytics site recently shared the rankings of live streamers on YouTube Top 10 most watched in 2022

whip It is a live-streaming platform that is loved by many people. And the most watched streamers are getting hundreds of millions of watch hours in 2022. However, the platform YouTube is also popular, with fans watching tens of millions of hours of their favorite streamers’ content.

streaming analytics website stream ax has announced the ranking of the most popular game streamers in 2022 on YouTube By number 1 is not anyone, that is i show speed The extremely popular and dramatic streamer still holds the top spot with an estimated 38.5 million hours watched in 2022 and has V Tuber Japanese like rain followed in second place with 27.4 million hours by Tim the Tatman Ranked in the top three with 26.6 million hours watched.

DrDisRespect It came in fourth with approximately 25.2 million hours of viewership, according to . stream ax precede V Tuber Japanese Pecora Japanese and 23.3 million hours Ludwig Famous streamer and commentator e-sports It was ranked 6th with 22.5 million hours of streaming, followed by YouTube number indonesian Windah Basudara at number 7 with 21.9 million hours, which YouTube number spanish game lines Vegeta777 Ranked 8th with 20.9 million hours watched, surpassing Miko V Tuber The Japanese narrowly missed 20.7 million hours of viewing. and the last rank is YouTube number spanish DjMaRiiO With his 20.4 million hours

Other interesting observations include streamers on YouTube Most of the top hits are from the United States, Japan or Spain, with the United States and Japan occupying the top five. V Tuber very well

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