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The 13 best nature and animal documentaries in history

The 13 best nature and animal documentaries in history


We tell you which are the best nature and animal documentaries that you can find

The 13 best nature and animal documentaries in history
“Our planet” is one of the best documentaries in history

Documentaries are always a very valuable source of knowledge. Whether dealing with more well-known topics or others that are less so or even they are avant-garde and they propose really interesting themes that will make us think a lot about the topics covered. All the platforms seek to obtain documentaries of great value, we find Documentaries on Amazon Prime Video. Although currently the Netflix documentaries are the ones with great ratings, we cannot forget that the disney+ catalog It also has National Geographic’s incorporated so it’s incredibly rich.

Today we are going to select documentaries from all these platforms with a great quality so that you can enjoy them when you feel like learning more about our flora, fauna and about the planet in general.

The thirteen best nature and animal documentaries

In total we have chosen thirteen, although the list could be expanded or reduced depending on the interests and personal tastes of each one. However, they are the following:

  • Earth, the movie of our planet
  • inside the volcano
  • Conspiracy
  • Jane
  • Virunga
  • dancing with birds
  • absurd planet
  • Seven worlds, one planet
  • life in full color
  • Before the flood, before it’s too late
  • wild yellow stone
  • Baraka
  • Our planet

Let’s break down one by one why they are so brilliant, entertaining and fun to watch.

Earth, the movie of our planet

This documentary takes a trip from north to south throughout our planet throughout its four seasons. The objective is to see the strong contrasts that exist between the different areas of the planet and the transformations that are undergoing due to the climatic effect. This is a very funny documentary because sometimes has funny moments that serve to alleviate the magnificence of what we see

In principle it is available to watch through YouTube, so it is a great option if we do not have any subscription platform.

Earth, the movie of our planet

inside the volcano

The name is suggestive enough for us to understand it without problems. This is a film directed by the highly acclaimed Werner Herzog (“Aguirre, the Wrath of God”) and that takes us to one of the most dangerous but also the most eclipsing phenomena in history: volcanoes. It is filmed with an unquestionable quality by one of the great geniuses of world cinematography, so it will amaze us and make us will provide more than just a powerful insight into an astonishing phenomenon.

Watch “Inside the Volcano” on Netflix

Cowspiracy: the secret of sustainability

An environmentalist undertakes an arduous path towards the future. The path of sustainability. This documentary presents us with the environmental problems that our planet is going through and puts them in the face while the protagonist of the documentary tries to find solutions. A spectacular montage and a tape that shows an alarming future for society are the most powerful pillars of this very interesting documentary film.

Watch “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret” on Netflix


Jane is a documentary that tells us about the first investigations carried out by Jane Goodall, a well-known expert who has fought for the rights of primates in Tanzania. This has faced many enemies, but nothing has stopped the 89-year-old ethologist from continuing to fight for what she really wants.

This is a critically acclaimed documentary that has received very good reviews on a general level.

Watch “Jane” on Disney+


Virunga takes us on a gritty journey of a small group of brave men who have a very clear mission: to save the gorillas of Virunga National Park from all the evils that afflict them. To do this they will have to fight against poachers, oil companies and a host of dangers that jeopardize the survival of these animals in their natural habitat.

Watch “Virunga” on Netflix

dancing with birds

Ornithology is a wonderful world. There are wonderful birds with capabilities that humans never cease to amaze. His fragility as well as rudeness is always something very interesting and worth admiring, so this documentary is perfect for all bird lovers.

Watch “Dancing with Birds” on Netflix

absurd planet

This documentary is the most original of all that we are going to deal with. It is a wonderful adventure in which we see animals from a funny perspective. This makes it great value and really entertaining to watch. Totally recommended to watch with the little ones in the home so they can learn while having fun.

See “Absurd Planet” on Netflix

Seven worlds, one planet

Seven episodes about seven zones that occupy our planet. In this documentary we see the incredible forms of life that we find in the world and that will surprise us by how curious, hidden and unexplored they are. A documentary that is very worthwhile and that is really nice to see. Besides, is available totally free.

See “Seven worlds, one planet” on RTVE Play for free

life in full color

David Attenborough helps us understand what life is like on our planet. like wild animals use color to survive and how this can be invaluable to those brave enough to undertake the adventure that life entails in the most inaccessible places on the planet.

A documentary worth watching with high image resolution as sometimes it shows totally amazing animals.

See “Life in full color” on RTVE Play for free

Before the flood, before it’s too late

Leonardo Dicaprio He is a UN messenger against climate change. For this reason, one of the most iconic actors in the history of cinematography embarks on a trip around the world that will change his life and that it will serve as a warning of what will happen if we do not act now.

Watch “Before the flood, before it’s too late” on Disney+

wild yellow stone

Yellowstone is an amazing place. A place of fire, ice and nature located in a gigantic volcano that could devastate the entire planet if it erupted. On the contrary, it is one of the largest refuges for flora and fauna in all of America.

Watch “Wild Yellowstone” on Disney+


Perhaps the most complicated documentary of all the ones we are dealing with. It is a visual and documentary film directed by Ron Fricke and it is difficult to really classify it as a documentary. Filmed in 24 countries, it takes us to live life on Earth as part of the human being while showing us how we relate to the environment through spirituality, religions and society. complex but safety pin.

Our planet

For some time now, the documentary that has no rival is “Our Planet”, one of the most overwhelming documentaries that shows the majesty and the challenges that animal species and human beings face together. They show in an incredibly beautiful way the life in the different ecosystems, which includes both the sea and the land and all the species that inhabit them. In general, it is a great pleasure to see it and the truth is that it is really beautiful and spectacular.

Watch “Our Planet” on Netflix

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