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The 4 most common mistakes made when using an iPhone


These are the most common mistakes made by users who have an iPhone.

The 4 most common mistakes made when using an iPhone
Mistakes that are often made when using an iPhone

Whether you have purchased your iphone just a few months ago or you’ve been clinging to it for a lifetime, there’s a good chance that make some very common mistakes on a daily basis. Some of them even have been shared as battery saving tipswhile others are functions that we often forget to activate.

Newcomers to the iPhone world tend to make these kinds of mistakes which we will share below due to lack of knowledge, but In this list you will find errors that all types of users makeeven the most experienced.

Force close apps

This is one of the most common mistakes because for a long time, it is given as advice to save battery on iPhone. Nothing could be further from the truth. Closing apps on the iPhone is even counterproductive because the result is the opposite of what we expect doing it: we will spend more battery and the device will be slower.

The reason is that iOS takes care of keep apps in a suspended state when you exit them so that when you open them again they do so quickly. Being in a suspended state they are paused and do not consume resources. Therefore, the only reason you should remove apps from multitasking is to fix problems when they arise.

Have access to the Control Center activated with the iPhone locked

One of the resources that thieves use when they steal our iPhone is put it in Airplane Mode from the Control Center while the iPhone is locked. But that can be changed thanks to the settings of the device itself. To block access to the Control Center, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Walk into Settings > face ID and code.
  2. Enter the code of your iPhone.
  3. Swipe until you see the actions that can be carried out with the iPhone locked.
  4. Disable Control Center and other actions you want to block.

With this done, You will only have access to the Control Center if the user identifies with Face or Touch IDotherwise, access will be blocked.

Crashes when using iPhone

User looking at his iPhone

Not keeping iPhone updated to the latest version

Another of the most common mistakes is not keeping the iPhone updated to the latest version of the operating systembut the truth is that it is a mistake that should not be made. In each new version, errors are fixed and corrected, such as security that, by the way, recently iOS 16.5.1 has been released to patch certain vulnerabilities.

Do not clear the iPhone cache from time to time

Another mistake that is made when using an iPhone is don’t clear your cache from time to time. For example, the content of WhatsApp chats or Safari history are the most common. Going deleting its content will make our iPhone have more storage and the system data will not be filled with junk files.

As you can see, they are small things that you have to take into account when using your iPhone. The most important is contrast those tricks that are shared in order to save battery as is the case with the first error, because many of those tips will produce the opposite effect on your iPhone.

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