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The 5 news that you cannot miss if you have installed the public beta


Learn about the five big things coming to macOS Sonoma this fall.

macOS Sonoma: the 5 news that you cannot miss if you have installed the public beta
The five great new features of macOS Sonoma

Apple presented its new operating systems last June, among which are iOS 17, iPadOS 17, watchOS 10 and macOS Sonoma. The truth is that both iOS and watchOS are stealing a lot of prominence from macOS Sonoma, which is also a great version that has incorporated a lot of interesting new features.

And it is that the new operating system of the Mac, which already is in public beta so everyone can try it It has a series of new features that you cannot miss if you have installed the public beta Or you want to know what the most important news are when you install it next September.

The five big changes in macOS Sonoma

Among the changes arewidgets anywhere on the Mac home screen, a revamped lock screen, or the ability to turn any web page into an app to act as such, being able to put it in the dock or receive notifications.

Widgets are the main protagonists of macOS Sonoma

Widgets have invaded Apple’s ecosystem products. They are everywhere. They are on iOS. On iPadOS. Even on watchOS and macOS Sonoma. On the new Mac operating system can be placed anywhere on the desk to have useful information at a glance without being distracted because they will act like a chameleon.

But what makes these widgets special is not that they can be placed anywhere on the desktop, but that they can be the widgets of the apps that we have on the iPhone. Thanks to the continuity that Apple offers us, if our iPhone and Mac are in the same Wi-Fi network, the iPhone widgets will appear in the Mac selector.

macOS Sonoma

To add a new widget, you need to go to the Notification Centers and press the button at the bottom. All the widgets that we can put will appear, as well asLike the ones on the iPhone at the bottom. With the iPhone widgets, we can, for example, control the music from Apple Music that is playing on our phone.

A revamped lock screen

Although it is not a functionality that has a purpose or utility, the changes in the interface, in my opinion, are also important. In the case of macOS Sonoma, The lock screen has been revamped to make it more similar to that of the iPad.

Now, our lock screen wallpaper is the same as the one we have on the desktop and our user profile photo will no longer appear with the field to enter the password in the middle, but it is moved below so that it does not bother.

Also, we have the time at the top. All these changes make macOS Sonoma lock screen looks a lot like iPadOSwho knows, maybe in the next operating system for the Mac, we can customize it more and add widgets too.

Any web is an app in macOS Sonoma

Apple added the possibility of being able to receive notifications from the websites that we have on the home screens of the iPhone and iPad. These web notifications can be controlled from the Settingsas if it were an app. And now we know why this feature was added.

Web and macOS apps

macOS Sonoma turns any website into an app. All we have to do is press the share button at the top right in Safari and choose the option to Add to Dockthe web will be transformed into an application and you will be able to have it together with the others.

Profiles in Safari

macOS Sonoma Not only has the browsing experience in Safari improved with the introduction of web apps. Just like in iOS and iPadOS 17, it has also introduced profiles in Safari so we can create users for every task we have to do with the browser.

Every profile we create in Safari, You may have your own rules. Your own favourites. Your own design thanks to which we can customize the home screen or your own history independent search. Because not in all situations we need the same Safari.

In addition, the possibility of block private browsing or remove trackers from links on web pages. Safari continues to improve by leaps and bounds, and macOS Sonoma proves it with the addition of all these new features.

macOS Sonoma has all the goodness of iOS and iPadOS 17

The good thing about Apple’s operating systems is that for some time, a similarity between them has been perceived by receiving all the same fundamental functions such as the news in Messages, the improved autocorrect or even the possibility of creating profiles.

As we have just told you, in macOS Sonoma The same thing has happened and not only has it received the widgets that we can put anywhere on the home screen of our Mac, we can also enjoy the new interface of the Messages app, its audio transcriptions or the improved autocorrect.

Undoubtedly, macOS Sonoma is a great update without including too many new features or functions. It has little things that make the experience with the Mac much better thanks to being able to have useful information at a glance, a new interface for the lock screen or the possibility of turning any website into an app.

Mac models compatible with macOS Sonoma

As we anticipated at the beginning, macOS Sonoma can now be tried by anyone who wants to thanks to the fact that its public beta is now available. The Mac models compatible with it are the following:

  • 2019 and newer iMacs.
  • Mac Pro from 2019 and later.
  • 2017 iMac Pro.
  • Mac Studio 2022 and later.
  • MacBook Air from 2018 and later.
  • Mac mini from 2018 and later.
  • MacBook Pro from 2018 and later.

Unlike iOS, macOS is usually released a bit later, back in mid-Octoberinstead of September, so we will have to wait a little longer to be able to enjoy all the news of macOS Sonoma officially.

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