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The 5 shortcuts that cannot be missing on your iPhone


We show you five of the shortcuts that are essential for your iPhone.

The 5 shortcuts that cannot be missing on your iPhone
The 5 best shortcuts for the iPhone

The iPhone comes with a wide variety of native applications, among which is Shortcuts. The Shortcuts app is, perhaps, the most useful of all and with the most potential because it allows you to carry out all kinds of tasks with a single touch. In other words, it allows us to unlock our iPhone and make our lives easier by performing tasks for us.

Once you start using it, you can’t stop. Both shortcuts and automations, you can achieve amazing things like extend the battery of our iPhone That every day an alarm is generated for the next day automatically. But these two examples are just the tip of the iceberg..

The 5 essential shortcuts for your iPhone

Nextwe are going to share you five of the best shortcuts for your iPhone with which you can squeeze the application to the fullest. Some of them are, for example, the possibility of copying the last photo from our roll, reducing the size of the photos or being able to change the format of your texts.

copy last photo

copy last photo allows us to copy the last photo of our folder recent from the Photos app to the clipboard. With the press of a button, the shortcut will take your last photo and copy it to the clipboard. Then, you can paste it wherever you want. A method to send your last photo as quickly as possible.

You can download Copy Last Photo from this link.

Magical 48MP

The iPhone camera is getting better and better. A clear example is the possibility of capturing 48-megapixel images with our iPhone’s camera. The problem is that they take up too much space and, in turn, storage. And this is what comes to solve this shortcut with which we can reduce the size of these images by passing them to Apple’s own photographic format without losing quality.

You can download Magic 48 MP from this link.

caps Lock

Have you ever started to type something and realized that it was all in capital letters? Caps Lock comes to solve this problem. Instead of retyping it all over again, you can run this shortcut, paste the text, and convert it to different text formats like the following:

  1. all capital letter.
  2. all lowercase.
  3. different formats that combine words with both formats.

You can download Caps Lock from this link.

Shortcut Caps Lock

Caps Lock in action

meme creator

Are you a fan of memes? With this shortcut you can create your own in a really simple and fast way. When running it, you will be able to choose between various options such as the distracted boyfriend, change my mind, Drake or the one with the car that deviates from an exit. All you have to do is choose your favorite and enter the text in question.

You can download Meme Maker from this link.

Meme maker in operation

iCloud Keychain

If you are one of those who think iCloud Keychain should be a native iPhone appyou’re lucky. No more going to settings to find this option. With this shortcut, you can access with a single touch quickly. You will only have to press it and authenticate yourself with Face or Touch ID to access all your passwords. An alternative to asking Siri, which is one of the multitude of things you can do with the Apple assistant.

You can download iCloud Keychain from this link.

One more thing…

The ideal thing when using the iPhone shortcuts is to have them as accessible as possibleand. This means that it’s a good idea to have them on your home screen in a widget to have them handy or on your lock screen when Apple releases the final version of iOS 17, where has boosted the lock screen of the iPhone.

The Shortcuts app it is one of the most unexplored jewels of the iPhone and these are just some of the examples to prove it. But as we have said, great things can be done and unlock the iPhone. And remember, a world of possibilities is just a touch away.

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