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The Ayaneo Air Plus is becoming the next Steam Deck contender.


Wednesday, May 24, 2023, 3:00 p.m. Indochina time.

If you’ve been following the trend of portable gaming PCs. You know it drives very well. And with ASUS starting to join the arena We can expect to see more handheld gaming devices flood the Steam Deck market, and of course, Ayaneo is a relatively unknown brand. But a couple of years ago The brand has become one of the more popular names in many areas, with the Air Plus being the latest in mobile devices. that will irresistibly lure you into the tide of portable gaming PCs.

If the Air Plus looks familiar That’s because it’s the third iteration of the Ayaneo “Air” series, coming with a choice of AMD or Intel chipsets, with the model we’re looking at featuring a Ryzen 6800U processor. Ayaneo 2, but why not make two handhelds with very similar specs? Because many people want the performance of the Ayaneo 2 in a more portable form. While both are the most comfortable to carry around, the Air Plus is smaller than the Nintendo Switch (though somewhat thicker), unlike the Ayaneo 2, which has a similar profile to the Steam Deck.

This Windows handheld gaming rig isn’t cheap. While the entry-level 64GB Steam Deck will run you around $690, the base Ayaneo Air Plus costs around $799 (not yet available). Exact Thai price) which is a slightly higher amount to pay.

While size is the main selling point (with the Steam Deck being over 2 inches wide and over 1 inch tall), more importantly, the Steam Deck is 145 grams heavier, which makes it easier to carry. The Ayaneo doesn’t have a touchpad or buttons on the back, but the Ayaneo sneaks clever controls on the top and bottom edges for various control assists, such as activating the on-screen keyboard or jumping out of Ayaspace. to the Air Plus desktop, and it also has two USB-C ports, which make it possible to use peripheral devices at the same time as charging.

The Air Plus isn’t a direct processor upgrade from the Air Pro, and it also includes a larger 46.2Wh battery (up from the Pro’s 38Wh and the original Air’s 28Wh), along with a new 6-inch 1080p display. Other minor tweaks put the power button and headphone jack to the left and right respectively, in contrast to the previous model. Plus, the Plus is also about half an inch (13m) wider than the original Air and Air Pro. m) This means that if you have a case for an older model The case will not fit with the new model.

The first time you launch Ayaneo Plus you’ll be taken through a few Windows settings, after which you’ll be transported to Ayaspace, Ayaneo’s own launcher designed to give you a more console-like experience than a PC gaming experience. It is worth pointing out that Ayaspace works very well without any issues. Navigating around is easy, with the left analog stick acting like a mouse aided by physical shortcut keys at the top that bring up the on-screen keyboard. But that’s not the best experience if you’ve used the Steam Deck before.

However, when the device is launched Everything looks good on the 6-inch IPS screen. Unfortunately it’s not an OLED panel like the Air Pro, but with the larger screen it makes up for it. Which is nice and bright with decent contrast ratio and color reproduction. With the same size display as the Ayn Odin’s, the two are very close in size, but the Ayaneo is slightly brighter in colour.

If you’re excited for a portable gaming PC, the Air Plus is a very interesting option.

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