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The best Echo speaker drops its price once again, and comes with an extra gift


If you want fantastic, punchy sound, plus the company of Alexa, this speaker is the wisest buy.

The best Echo speaker drops its price once again, and comes with an extra gift
The Echo 4 speaker is powerful like no other and has all the features of Alexa.

Despite having on offer echo dot 5 Y Echo Dot 5 with digital clock at more than attractive prices, the 4th generation Echo continues to be the most recommended today for many reasons. This week, for a limited time, Amazon sells it for 59.99 eurosa very succulent figure since its usual price is 99.99 euros.

Also, it comes with a little gift in the form of a Philips Hue smart bulb, valued at 19.95 euros. You can add this bulb to the Amazon Alexa app, to program its operation or activate it with your voice through the Echo speaker. The Echo 4 is a wonder of sound and new home technologies, with all the features that Alexa allows us and with spectacular sound. In the kingdom of smart speakersEcho is still king.

Echo (4th generation)

Buy the best Echo on the market at a historic price

Echo 4 Phillips Hue bulb

The Echo 4 and a smart bulb form a perfect tandem in your living room.

At home I have 5 units of the 4th generation Echo Dot, but a friend has this Echo 4 at home and every time I go I was amazed with its sound and power. There are several reasons why any person should have an Echo speaker at home (whether it’s on sale or another smaller model), and I’ll show you:

  • Listen to music at all hours: it is very easy to put a song, a playlist or a musical style. You just ask Alexa and in a second you will have the music playing. you can even adjust the volume with your voice. If you dare with multiple units like me, you can create a multi-room group at home and have piped music throughout your home. It currently works with subscriptions to Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer and Appe Music, as well as TuneIn Radio and other apps from radio stations such as SER or Los40.
  • To set up a home theater: You can also choose to buy two units of the Echo 4 or Echo Dot 5 speaker, link them in the Alexa app, place them on each side of your TV and activate the Home Cinema function. Each speaker will be dedicated to one channel (left or right) and you will have a complete new sound system to live your movies and series like never before.
  • A connected house: if you have in your house other smart devicessuch as light bulbs with WiFi, robot vacuum cleaners, air purifiers or smart plugs, among others, you can also include them in the Alexa app and with your voice activate them easily. In the same way it is possible schedule its operation from Alexa without having to use the app for each device and brand.
  • Alexa, one more companion: Amazon’s assistant is one of the most advanced on the current scene, it has grown by leaps and bounds. With it you can know the daily Newsthe weather forecast wherever you want, entertain yourself telling jokes, setting alarms or loud messages for your family, etc.

Echo (4th generation)

And if it already seems amazing to you, they give you a Philips Hue light bulb that connects to your Wi-Fi network and whose intensity can be regulated. It has a maximum light intensity of 1,100 lumens and its temperature in warm white. It is the typical light bulb that we all have at home, with an E27 socket, but with new intelligent functions.

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