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The best purchase I’ve made this month, and a perfect gift for anyone


In addition, it has a great price right now in the face of Christmas.

The best purchase I've made this month, and a perfect gift for anyone

It has not been even in the prime day nor in the black fridayit was long before when I bought this Xiaomi handheld vacuum cleaner that is getting me out of a major bind. For just 40 euros You can have a very efficient, powerful vacuum cleaner with perfect autonomy for the cleaning you will do with it.

The Xiaomi cleaning gadgets catalog It’s huge, and this handheld vacuum stands out above all for its low price. Also, it can be a more than perfect gift for any self-respecting person. we all need one handheld vacuum cleaner At home or in the car, it is very necessary to eliminate the dust and debris that dirty our home or our workplace, in case you telework.

My Vacuum Cleaner MiniMy Vacuum Cleaner Mini

Make the best Xiaomi gift this Christmas for 40 euros

My Vacuum Cleaner Mini

Xiaomi’s handheld vacuum cleaner is 3 times more powerful than a robot vacuum cleaner

On the official website it would be the best price, but for a little more you have it on Amazon. This handheld vacuum is one of the most compact models we’ve seen and tested. It has a length of 26.7 cm and a thickness of 5.5 cm. It only weighs half a kilo approximately and comes with the essential accessories to take advantage of the manual cleaning of this type of device. I will explain to you Why did I buy it and why am I going to buy another one? to give to a friend:

  • enough power: its nominal power is 40 W, which means an absorption capacity of about 6,000 PA, which is triple the power of a robot vacuum cleaner any of 200-300 euros. With this power I am more than satisfied because it is capable of removing all the dust from the keyboard, from narrow corners such as the sofa or from under the car seats.
  • Its design falls in love: besides weighing very little and being very comfortable to use, it has a very similar to a thermos. It is very easy to handle and is also pretty in its forms. I have it stored in a drawer in the living room, and when I leave home for several days with the car, I keep it in the glove compartment. I have a charger with which I can charge it in the car if the battery dies.
  • A more than enough battery: for the type of cleaning that we are going to do with this handheld vacuum cleaner, the 30 minutes that your battery lasts they are more than enough. It only has one speed or suction power, so that will be its autonomy. It charges through your USB-C port.
  • accessories for everything: only comes with 2 nozzles, one narrow and one with a brushbut they are enough to do the cleaning for which it is intended.
  • outstanding filtering: despite its low price, it has two stages of filteringone made of stainless steel and another that traps the finer particles that, combined, remove almost 100% of all dirt what is in your environment

My Vacuum Cleaner MiniMy Vacuum Cleaner Mini

Well, you know, for about 40 euros you can get this Xiaomi handheld vacuum cleaner that has a good battery, great power and more than comfortable handling For sporadic or even daily cleaning of your car seats, upholstery or sofas at home. And it is a gift that will come ‘deluxe’ to anyone around you.

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