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The big change you expected will arrive on Netflix by 2023


If you can’t beat the enemy, join them: Netflix will allow in 2023 to add more households to your account and share it (at an additional cost)!

The big change you expected will arrive on Netflix by 2023
In 2023 it is possible that Netflix will finally allow you to share your account with other households, although you will have to go through the box to do so.

Those responsible for Netflix against him password sharingsomething that is strictly prohibited in their terms of use but according to them they continue to do about 100 million subscribers globally and continuously.

In any case, the company prepares changes to try to definitively tackle this problemand it is that according to a report of The Wall Street Journal which the classmates echoed 9to5Googleit seems that with a view to the next academic year 2023 a turning point is brewing after which Netflix would allow its users to share passwords and enjoy the account in multiple homes.

We are not going to discover penicillin if we confirm that it actually has a trickit was obvious, so it should also be noted that this change would involve monetizing those viewers in secondary homes making additional charges on the account for each secondary household that is added.

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It is not a bad thing, in any case, since many will be willing to pay a small extra cost in order to lower the price of the subscription and thus share an account between several houses belonging to the same family or friends, but the objective of Netflix must be made clear, which is not so much to offer more freedom to its users but to ally with the enemy and charge for multi-home accounts that they have not been able to eliminate by other means.

The sources say that this change will start in the United States in the first quarter of 2023 and with the aim of expanding to other markets in successive months, since Netflix has already been testing these types of rates in some markets such as Argentina, Guatemala or the Dominican Republic.

Starting in the United States in early 2023, the Netflix service will allow us to add secondary homes to our account for an additional charge that, during ‘beta’ testing, was $2.99 ​​per month for each new address activated.

How much does each additional home cost then? Well, this is unknown for now, but in the betas of this functionality Netflix was charging an additional $2.99 ​​on top of your chosen subscription fee for each second home that is activated.

The sensations are found then It is certainly an option that we all asked Netflixa fairly strict platform with the regulation of not sharing accounts with users who do not reside in the same household, and we must also thank that The prices are quite affordable if these additional 2.99 dollars or euros are maintained.

Anyway, this will lead to even greater persecution against users who share accounts without the extra charge, so good for adding multi-home support but bad because for some “the bargain is going to run out”Whether that?

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