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The CEO of Nothing explains how they have modified their factories to create transparent devices


Carl Pei confirms something we already suspected: creating transparent technology is complicated and very expensive.

The CEO of Nothing explains how they have modified their factories to create transparent devices
The Nothing Ear headphones (2) charging on top of a Nohting Phone (1).

Always wanting to do different, revolutionary and innovative things, Carl Pei left OnePlus to reinvent himself just when just when the manufacturer of the ‘never settle’ was about to announce its integration into OPPOcertifying a movement that it would get productive and economic muscle but it would limit freedom and irreverence which for the executive of Chinese origin was an essential condition.

So, let’s get to work to make differential electronic devices again, Carl Pei founded Nothing and presented the ear (1) as Her first contraption with transparent design waiting for a Telephone 1) that would come later finish that delighted critics and would become a watchword from a manufacturer who comes back to search iconic assassins from a different point of view.

Carl Pei hits the mark again with a Nothing just as irreverent as the OnePlus from the beginning of time, although in this case the transparent designs are much more complicated to assemble in their factories.

Anyway, Not everything is easy in Nothing, nor is success easyso Carl Pei himself wanted to remind us that making technology transparent is very complicated and expensiveat least in terms of the needs of their manufacturing plants and assembly lines.

don’t you want to know everything Nothing has had to do to assemble its devices with an efficient quality control? Follow us below, because now we tell you…

This is all Nothing had to do to build transparent phones and headphones

In the words of Carl Pei himself, who recounted all this on his Twitter account after visiting the Chennai manufacturing plantassembling technology with transparent casings entails implement a large number of innovative solutions to maintain cleanlinesssince in this type of devices not a speck of dust can leak inside or it will be seen through the glass body.

That is how Nothing has completely renovated the Chennai facility to improve quality control when assembling the contraptionas well as increase standards in processes and safety.

Some of the things they have had to carry out on a day-to-day basis in the assembly plant it’s pretty crazy, and It’s a bit close to what he does. Jet Propulsion Laboratory from NASA when you build your probes and rovers to send into space:

  • Workers have to go through two air shower tunnels dustproof and antistatic.
  • Likewise, they work with full body uniforms throughout the production line.
  • There is also a air jet from ceiling to floor in the production line, and it is that the floor is a metal mesh tramex with water below to take away any particles.
  • There are air humidifiers installed in all key sections.
  • And the most curious thing is that clear glass cases are transported using two fishing lines that avoid touching and dirtying the transparent panel.

As you will see, there are many needs that only apply to this type of devicebecause it is necessary to avoid as much as possible that the casings get dirty inside or they will be impossible to clean later, in addition to having to take care of the interior of the terminal, which will be seen and therefore it must be “pretty” as well as functional.

In addition to all this, Carl Pei confirms that the India continues to be the fastest growing market in the sector globally, and that exports from your market will also grow rapidly. The executive says that as supply chains mature prices will continue to improveand that India has everything to take advantage of the opportunity in the next 5 years.

That is why they have chosen Chennai to build this plant, in which they fully trust to maintain the necessary standards and volumes to ensure sustained growth for Nothing’s business.

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