Home Tech The chances are increasing that Samsung will launch a smart ring

The chances are increasing that Samsung will launch a smart ring

The chances are increasing that Samsung will launch a smart ring


Samsung explores ‘wearables’ of all kinds, from rings to necklaces or glasses… And what’s more, it has already registered its trademarks.

The chances are increasing that Samsung will launch a smart ring
In the image the Oura Smart Ring, one of the first smart rings on the market.

It seems that Samsung does not drop the rings (for now)although the truth is that the South Korean giant continues to want set the standard for innovation in terms of mobile devices and wearablenow exploring other formats contraption and accessories to add to its large Galaxy catalog. Excuse us in fact for the play on words, but it is that it has been a long time that there has been speculation about a samsung smart ring who would complete the functions of his Smart Watches with Wear OS.

In any case for now we don’t have any hardware, prototypes or simple leaks about upcoming devices with the Samsung signature, although We have already seen those from Seoul play with sensors in their Galaxy Buds Headphones and explore different form factors for quantifying bracelets and smart watches.

Even in the past, Samsung had proposed to the world its SimBand project, a Open Source modular platform to develop “healthy devices” of which the SDK for external developers was even published.

What will be next is still unknown, but now We know that Samsung does work on wearable and it is registering different denominations in some markets, as our colleagues told us SamMobile.

To begin with, the administrators of the Intellectual Property of the United Kingdom granted Samsung the trademarks “Samsung Circle”, “Samsung Index” and “Samsung Information”three brands that everyone has associated with wearables such as a ring, augmented reality glasses or similar devices focused on physical tracking.

Samsung did not stop there, which in recent days also registered in South Korea three other similar brands, well “Galaxy One”, “Galaxy Pulse” and “Galaxy Rhythm” they also make you think of things you can wear to measure movement while playing music or doing other kinds of activities.

In fact, as you will see in the attached images, the manufacturer itself requests these brands in the designation epigraphs of “smart rings, smart watches, smartphones and laptops”giving way to speculation. Even in South Korea the classification is more specific: “wearable devices, such as smart rings, bracelets, necklaces, and glasses”.

They tell us from South Korea that Samsung is preparing a smart ring and that these six brands hide not only their name but also the names of the software or functionalities that will accompany it.

To focus the shot a bit, from South Korea they tell us that the documentation attached by Samsung specifies an app for smart rings that may track, collect, detect, recognize and monitor biometric and physiological data, in addition to transmit and manage this data by creating personal health records and vital signs to offer first instance medical advice.

They also tell us that Circle, Index my Knowledge would be the three possible names of the contraption per seof the ring to understand each other, while One, Legumes and rhythm would refer to applications or functionalities of software with which to take advantage of the smart ring itself.

Now we have to wait, because if it arrives, it will surely not be soon but rather rather for 2024… Or has Samsung ever brought a surprise to an Unpacked?


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