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the chatbot will integrate with Drive, Maps, YouTube and more


Google Bard continues to learn, and its next step will be to integrate directly with Google’s own services and also with third-party options thanks to extensions.

Google Bard will include extensions: the chatbot will integrate with Drive, Maps, YouTube and more
They are already very close: this is how the extensions will look like in Google Bard.

They had promised us during the presentation of the novelties of Bard in the fundamental main of the Google I/O 2023and is that the arrival of extensions to chatbot Mountain View Giant Smart will surely mean the biggest step taken to date as well as the most important leap to look like its main competitorhe ChatGPT the open AI.

And it is that indeed ChatGPT enjoys the accessories for several months now, so Google is accelerating development after integrate your AI teams into DeepMind to get that Bard can be integrated very soon with both Google’s own services and some third-party servicesin a very interesting selection that we are already beginning to decipher thanks to the friends of 9to5Google.

So, we already know that Bard will be able to do more than extract information from websites stored in the Google Search cache, because very soon You will be able to connect and integrate with Google Maps, Google Flight or YouTube to have information on flights, places and even audiovisual content.

Not only that, but also we will have third-party services with partners as important as Adobe and its generative AI Firefly, or others like Kayak or Zillow.

In fact, we already have the first list what has he been able to get Dylan Roussel after enable a preview of these extensions and how they will look in the Bard web app. It will be all of these, at least initially:

  • Google flights
  • Google Hotels
  • google maps
  • instacart
  • Kayak
  • open table
  • red fin
  • Youtube
  • Zillow

It is curious that yes to see how some services will overlap a bitlike Google Flights or Kayak and even Redfin and Zillow, which offer similar functionality to each other, but This is just a first step that will surely open the door to an infinite number of services.some more useful than others, which we will soon be able to handle through Bard without complications and thanks to the AI.

Of course, it seems that this menu of extensions that Google is developing It will allow you to enable and disable the options that you want or Bard will learn and allow us to control only what we explicitly tell it to do.

Not only will there be extensions or ‘plugins’ to connect online services, but Bard will also be able to link up with Workspace and the rest of Google’s connected office applications.

Another improvement was integration with the suite room google online officesomething that also seems to be on the exit ramp with direct link between Bard and Docs, Gmail, Sheets or Drivein addition to Workspasce and the rest of the apps for environments business.

For now it will be time to keep waiting, but the future that paints us all and the speed to which is growing us It’s even starting to scare a littleOh no?

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