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the clock of your mobile is updated


From now on, you will be able to record audios and use them as an alarm clock in the ‘Google Clock’ on Android.

A sensational option for one of the most basic apps: the clock on your mobile is updated
Google’s Clock app is probably the ‘de facto standard’ on Android.

You’re going to have to take a closer look at the options of the ‘Google Clock’and it is that the Mountain View giant has just updated it with a very interesting option that will allow us to fully customize our alarm sounds and timers.

And it is that despite we almost never talk about basic Google app updates because dozens come out every month, and also because, in reality, users always tend to find out even before any news thanks to Google Play, in this case the sensational new option deserved to be announced separately with an article like this.

All the Google apps that you can install on your Android

Not surprisingly, as commented by colleagues xda-developersGoogle developers just published a new functionality package for version 7.3 of the Watchwhich will be updated transparently and server-side to allow us to record our own sounds for alarms and timers.

as you hear it, now you can activate the recording and save any audio directly from the mobile microphone to set it as alarm tone in a simple way and natively from the app.

You will say a lot that this could already be done beforeabout configuring your own audios as tones or system sounds, but this was not easy at all and required some additional steps, such as once the recording was made we had to copy the file into the folder ‘alarms’ from internal memory of our Android device, yes or yes, so that it was selectable between the list of audios What ‘alarm sound’.

Now, with the new functionality, we will not have to do anything more than record directly from the button that we will see in the app of the google clock. The recording file will be saved where it should, and will be selectable from the beginning without further complications.

Of course, it seems that the search engine giant is activating the option only on Pixel devicesso we don’t know for now if it will actually come later to other Android phones or if it will be exclusive to the made by google. Experts say that the procedure calls the app ‘Tape recorder’which is what the sound recorder is called in the Pixels, but if any other customization uses this same name in the recorder it can probably work.

_We will have to wait for events, but without a doubt the function, whether exclusive to the Pixels or not, deserved the announcement…!

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