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the court doubled the penalty for late payment of the FAS


Google did not have time: the court doubled the fine for late payment of the FAS

The company failed to pay on time for antitrust violations on YouTube and now owes 4 billion rubles.

Google LLC received a double fine from the World Court of the Presnensky District of Moscow for failure to pay the fine of the FAS Russia on time. Now the corporation is obliged to pay 4 billion rubles.

As you know, in 2022, the FAS Russia found Google LLC guilty of violating antitrust laws. The FAS found that the rules Youtube for working with user accounts and content do not meet the requirements of transparency, objectivity and predictability.

This results in users experiencing unexpected suspensions and deletions of their accounts without prior notice or explanation. The FAS Russia found that such behavior violates the interests of users, and also hinders competition in related markets.

During the administrative investigation of the FAS Russia fined Google LLC in the amount of more than 2 billion rubles for abuse of a dominant position in the market of YouTube video hosting services.

The company filed a complaint with the court against the decision and order of the service, as well as the decision to impose a fine, but the Ninth Arbitration Court of Appeal rejected it. Earlier, the court of first instance also confirmed the decision of the antimonopoly service.

The FAS Russia reminds that if a company does not pay a fine within 60 days after the court decision has entered into force, the agency transfers the information to the bailiffs for collection, and the case materials to the court for double liability.

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