HomeTechThe definitive LED strip is from Xiaomi and only costs 79.99 euros

The definitive LED strip is from Xiaomi and only costs 79.99 euros


Xiaomi has a new LED strip that can interact with your PC games and even light up to the beat of music.

The definitive LED strip is from Xiaomi and only costs 79.99 euros
The Xiaomi LED strip can be controlled through the mobile app.

the catalog of xiaomi has been renovated with a LED strip very innovative, ideal for creating a colorful atmosphere in any room of the home. It is not just a simple LED strip with colors, it is loaded with innovative features that make it the ultimate LED strip. For example, it integrates a microphone that allows you to go to the beat of the music so that lighting is ideal at parties.

This product, officially called Xiaomi Smart Lightstrip Pro, has RGB gaming friendly light effects from your computer to make the gaming experience even better. Of course, you can connect the strip to the Xiaomi app so that you are the one who controls its operation, with the possibility of create more than 100 different configurations. Now, how much is this LED strip worth? €79.99 and it’s already for sale on the Xiaomi website.

Xiaomi Pro Smart Light Strip

Xiaomi Smart Lightstrip Pro, Xiaomi’s LED strip

This Xiaomi Smart Lightstrip Pro was Introduced in March 2022 in Chinaeven though so far it has not reached the global market. Looking at its list of specifications and functions, we could say that it is the definitive LED strip, since has the most advanced technologies.

Before going into the matter about its functions, we must mention that it has a length of 2 metersa considerable extension that allows us to overlight a room. If it is insufficient for you, you can add 3 extension packs of 1 meter that Xiaomi offers, always keeping in mind that these extensions do not work separately, they always need to be connected to the main LED strip. As we can see in the pictures, the strip is flexibleWe can place it however we want.

Xiaomi Smart Lightstrip Pro Strip

You can use the Xiaomi LED strip to set your gaming room.

Specifically, the Xiaomi Smart Lightstrip Pro equips 60 LED lights per meter extension, emitting a soft and homogeneous light with dozens of different colors. Connecting the LED strip to the Xiaomi Mi Home app on our mobilewe can control its operation remotely. We can choose the color that we like the most, select one of the three intensity levels available and configure any of the 10 dynamic effects.

Depending on the atmosphere you want to create, you can choose between eight different preset modes. On the other hand, if you like the configuration that you have created yourself, you can save it to use it again in the future. They are 16 million colors those that this device supports, you can see that the color will not be missing at any time.

Among the most special features of this Smart Lightstrip Pro is that equip a microphone that allows you to recognize the music that is playing and thus light up to the beat. On the other hand, if you have Razer ChromaTM RGB or ASUS Aura Sync software, you can sync the LED strip with your computer so that the lights illuminate with the same colors as the screen.

Xiaomi Pro Smart Light Strip

Finally, the connection between the LED strip and the Xiaomi mobile application also allows update your system via OTA to enjoy new features in the future. We cannot deny that this Xiaomi lighting device has it all, it is a very good purchase for the home. If you want, you can get the Xiaomi Smart Lightstrip Pro now for 79.99 euros on the official Xiaomi website.

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