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The fan page “Mai is not ready, does not give away” has released a Thai mod for The Callisto Protocol, one of the games from the former Dead Space team and comes with a familiar atmosphere.


Monday, December 19, 2022 at 12:58:07 PM, Indochina time.

Announcing the release of the official Thai language for Mod of fan pages” Not ready, not giving away ” from the game The Callisto Protocol One of the new releases of the month. December 2022 The game will be in line. Survival Horror Shooter And the game also received a former team of creators. Dead Space to help take care of such projects As a result, the game, although the system is quite different. But for the aura, it can be considered very similar to the original game.

for how to install Mod Thai language of the game The Callisto Protocol will be able to download only the game from Steam Only with the following installation method

  1. download file Mod atthis link
  2. Extract the file and select TCPTH.exe to install
  3. Install it in the folder of the game. The Callisto Protocol The folder of the game can be checked by the following methods.
    1. go to Steam In the game library section ( Library )
    2. Right-click on the game, select Properties… (Properties…)
    3. Select Local Files. ( Local Files )
    4. Choose a topic, open to find… ( Browse… )
  4. Enter the game and don’t forget to turn on subtitles.

But for those who feel like they can’t play especially genre games Survival Horror Which the game tends to create an atmosphere that must be pressured all the time can go and watch the full story on the channel Youtube of HEARTROCKER And now the person has finished playing until the end of the main story. Including in the future, the game will have a story in the section DLC Followed by another, which must continue to wait and follow.

Finally, for those who are interested can buy the game. The Callisto Protocol together via Steam at the price 1,490 baht or will wait for the game to reduce the price during Winter Sale can do it too And for anyone having problems installing Mod The Thai language of the said game can be contacted to inquire via the fan page of ” Not ready, not giving away as well

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