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The folding mobile market will continue to grow in 2023 with 10 brands launching their own models


More and more brands are encouraged to create their own folding mobiles, both in clamshell and book formats.

The folding mobile market will continue to grow in 2023 with 10 brands launching their own models
Folding mobiles do not stop growing, with this 2023 confirming itself as a key year for its establishment in the market.

It seemed that the reign of samsung in the market of folding mobiles It was insured, but the reality is that the South Korean company has it more and more complicated. According to data from DSCC reported by SamMobileson 10 brands what do you have planned Launch your own foldable mobile on the market this 2023. It seemed that these mobiles were not here to stay, but time is showing us that their popularity among the public is growing.

Research DSCC indicates that this 2023 will reach the market a total of 37 different folding mobiles. We have already been able to meet some of them, such as the OPPO Find N2 Flip. however, though the public prefers folding clamshell mobiles like this one OPPOthis year we will see the launch of more book-format models. In addition, the study to which we refer also points to significant growth in sales of this type of smartphone.

10 brands will release their own folding phones in 2023

In 2023 the folding mobile market will be more crowded than ever. This will be the case if we stick to the data from Display Supply Chain Consultantswho are aiming for this year there will be 10 brands that will launch their own models. On the list are names that we already knew, such as Samsung and OPPO. However, it seems that brands like oneplus and Google could be released with this type of smartphones, something that we look forward to.

Without going further, OnePlus has confirmed the launch of its first foldable. Be similar to OPPO find N2but not identical. Therefore, from the Chinese firm we can expect a book-format model with advanced hardware and good performance in photography. It will hit the market in 2023, so there is not much waiting time left to see how OnePlus is betting.

According to DSCCthe 10 brands will be in charge of launching the 37 different models of folding mobiles What will we see this year? Although the clamshell type is more popular among buyers, the book format will be more common this 2023. At least 16 of the foldables that will go on the market will be in the clamshell format, while about 20 of them will be book type.

It is enough to compare these data with those of last year to confirm that the market is in full growth. In 2022 there were 7 brands those who took the risk of releasing their own smartphone with a flexible screen, launching a total of 19 different devices. This means that this 2023 3 more brands join the trend of folding mobiles and that the production will have 18 more models.

Production of folding mobiles in 2023

DSCC chart comparing foldable phone production and shipments in recent years.

The above chart of DSCC compares the production and shipments of mobile phones and folding screens in recent years. As you can see, a significant increase in production and sales is expected in 2023. Specifically, it seems that a total of 19 million folding will be sold all over the world, which means a growth of 45% with respect to the previous year.

At the beginning of this 2023 we learned that 4 out of 5 foldable phones sold in the world are from Samsung. The South Korean company sold close to 12 million units in 2022, a figure that it is expected to be around 15 million in the present year. Samsung’s reign is evident, but it will be increasingly difficult to maintain it due to the arrival of new manufacturers that land with great force in a market in full swing.

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