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The new Apple Pencil could be the final nail in the coffin for Android tablets


Apple has filed a new patent that, if successful, will tilt the tablet market even more in its favor.

The new Apple Pencil could be the final nail in the coffin for Android tablets
Apple Pencil, the stylus from Cupertino for the iPad.

Android tablet market it takes time in free fall. It is a fact. It cannot be denied that, on the other side of the street, Apple has done things much better and they have known how to make their iPads the option that best integrates software and hardware. In fact more than half of the world’s tablets are iPads.

It is true that Samsung and its Galaxy Tab S8 and S8+ have tried to keep Android tablets afloat as an option for those looking for a lightweight and powerful device to work with, but despite their efforts by the Koreans to bring their tablets to the fore there are still no fruits that justify the purchase of an Android tablet. And what is worse, Apple could be about to certify his death.

An Apple Pencil with cameras: the latest Apple patent

just as we can read on Patently Applethose of Cupertino have registered a patent in the United States Patent and Trademark Office in which we can see the incorporation of cameras to your particular stylus. It is true that brands register many patents, but this movement is very interesting because of what it means.

According to what can be seen in the images of the patent and according to the source, the company intends to provide its Apple Pencil with a functionality specially oriented to designers and illustrators. The underlying idea is that these cameras, with the help of software, can identify the color and texture of any surface.

The new Apple Pencil could be the final nail in the coffin for Android tablets

Image of the patent of the new Apple Pencil with cameras

In short, it is about using the stylus as if it were the photoshop swatch pickeror any other image editing tool. Suppose you want to capture the texture of a wall or the grain of a wood. With the help of Apple Pencil it will be much easier to extract it and pass it to a designthan cloning it with a design tool.

From the source it is commented that the sensor could be accompanied by a adjustable spectrum light emitterso that better color detection is achieved in different situations.

How does this affect Android tablets?

It was already established at the beginning of the article that Android tablets do not work in the market and that they fail to attract the interest of users. What is the problem? Well, first of all, no manufacturer (except Samsung, according to what we have seen) cares about optimize your devices so that they can be part of a complete ecosystem.

is the happy convergence issue. Yes, there are solutions to connect an Android to Windows and work on it remotely, but Apple has been able to do it well enough to be able to easily transfer files from a Mac to an iPad and edit them on the go, integrating macOS, iPadOS and iCloud in an ecosystem very well woven.

Apple iPad

iPads are at the top of tablets today.

For now it seems that Android manufacturers they have not had the same success in the convergence section. On the other hand, it has not been known how to make Android tablets something unique either. Apple has managed to give iPads their own entity by turning them into efficient work and creation tools when you don’t have a computer nearby.

If the patent for this new Apple Pencil prospers and develops, it may be the blow that sends Android tablets to the canvas. They probably won’t get up again. Creators and designers have had a preferred platform for years and, for now, it is very difficult to get them out of there easily.

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