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The new Motorola RAZR 2023 is already shown and will be bicolor


The new generation of Motorola’s folding RAZR is already cooking and indeed it will be, at least in design, quite spectacular.

The new Motorola RAZR 2023 is already shown and will be bicolor
One part will give prominence to the growing external screen and the other will have matching colors.

After surprising locals and strangers during the Mobile World Congress 2023 being one of the leading firms at the fair, the truth is that Motorola and its parent Lenovo return to work without prototypes like him roll up rizr and its winding mechanism, but with new technologies and an expected more modern folding generationscam this Moto RAZR 2023 that already shows us its design in a “real” image as a great incentive.

The photograph has leaked in China and was published by colleagues 91mobilessurely extracted from the documentation of a government certifierwith a prototype of the Moto RAZR 2023 as the protagonist with overtones of already final design and finished in a striking two-tone black/red finish very flattering

We know for a fact that the model pictured is the Motorola XT2321-3 that corresponds to the new RAZR in one of its regional variants, with some new lines that are much more refined Although we cannot verify and confirm that indeed, as it has been leaked, the external screen occupies the entire front, leaving the cameras embedded between holes.

This will be the Motorola RAZR 2023

First of all, note that the contrast of shades suits the device perfectlyalso offering Motorola the possibility of play like samsung with extreme customization and of course with the market more fashion also, with mobiles that will adapt much more to each of us.

The black glass part It will perfectly hide the exterior OLED panel, which they tell us will be larger than the 2.7 inches of the previous model, while the other part will offer the tailstock and the touch of color to a design that we are beginning to accept as versatile and useful for certain types of users.

The new Motorola RAZR 2023 is already shown and will be bicolor

The new Motorola RAZR 2023, in a filtered image.

As for specifications, it is rumored that the flexible internal screen will be of 6.7 inches with FHD+ 1080p resolution and LTPO technology with extended refresh rate up to 144 hertz, enlivening the whole thanks to a chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 already a battery of 4,000mAh generous given the construction flip and the space reserved for the hinge.

Connectivity would be complete up to 5G SA/NSA, with 64 MP + 13 MP cameras on the frontangular and ultra wide angle respectively almost certainly, adding another 32 megapixel internal sensor for video conferencing.

When will this interesting Moto RAZR 2023 be presented? Well, sources from China speak of a release set for June 1, 2023at the gates of next summer. When they were asked in Barcelona, Lenovo leaders said that “will arrive very soon” without offering further details.

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