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The next Galaxy Fold will finally solve one of the biggest problems with Samsung foldables


Samsung plans to completely redesign the hinge format of its large-format foldable smartphone for the next generation.

The next Galaxy Fold will finally solve one of the biggest problems with Samsung foldables
The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, the latest version of Samsung’s large folding smartphone

throughout the four generations of the Galaxy Z Fold series that have existed so far, Samsung has been improving different aspects of the design of the device, in most cases focusing on increasing durability to prevent both the inner screen and the hinge mechanism from being easily damaged.

However, the focus on improving durability seems to have slowed down progress in other sections. In fact, much has been said about the apparent inferiority of Samsung foldables regarding the models of brands such as Honor or OPPO in relation to the visibility of the “wrinkle” present in the central part of the interior screen, being much more noticeable in the models of the South Korean firm.

However, it seems that That is about to change. At least, so suggests one of the best-known tech industry analysts, ice universe: ensures that Samsung has plans to completely change the structure of the hinge in its next large-format foldable smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Z Foldable 5.

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 will use a “teardrop” hinge

Until now, in the world of folding mobiles we have seen manufacturers adopt two different types of structures when designing the hinges of their devices.

In the case of Samsung, an ultra-thin glass panel (“Ultra Thin Glass”) is used that is bent in a sharp curve, so that the fold present in the inner screen quite obvious due to its depth. Also, when the phone is closed, it is possible see a little separation between the two halves of the screen.

Other brands, on the other hand, such as Motorola, OPPO, Honor or Vivo have opted for the format called “drop of water” or droplet. This architecture allows the display bend in the space of the hinge itselfthus reducing the depth of the fold, and making the “wrinkle” less noticeable when the inner screen is fully unfolded.

Samsung seems to have taken note of the work of this type of brands, and everything seems to indicate that the future Galaxy Z Fold 5 it will finally adopt this format. It is speculated that one of the reasons why the company had decided not to join the bandwagon of the format droplet was the difficulty existing when implementing this architecture while retaining certain waterproof.

It is therefore expected that the Samsung Galaxy Z Foldable 5 Finally, have an interior screen that is almost 100% wrinkle-free, which also maintains the resistance to water and dust present in the last generations of the family.

For now, yes, we will have to wait. It is expected that the new family of folding smartphones from Samsung will not be presented until the middle of the year. Meanwhile, we will have to settle for the new (and much closer) galaxy s23 family.

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