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the NIO Phone will be a reality very soon


If Xiaomi wants cars and Tesla launches mobile accessories, why wouldn’t NIO prepare its own smartphones?

The Chinese Tesla advances to create its own mobile: the NIO Phone will be a reality very soon
Like Tesla in the United States, in China the NIO firm is one of the giants of electric mobility.

almost in response to Xiaomi landing in the automotive industrythe truth is NIO has been flirting with the smartphone market for monthsalthough in reality he had never been as close as now to his first smartphone.

And it is that yes friends, indeed NIO leaders have just registered the NIO Phone trademark in their home country confirming the goal of launching its first smartphone in the coming months, an ambitious goal that now joins a long-awaited international expansion which will bring its attractive catalog of cars to many international markets.

The Chinese Tesla could be about to launch its first mobile

All this was told to us by our classmates. gizmochina a few hours ago, well Hefei-based carmaker already has a smartphone division that manages its own resources and employees, and that is preparing his first smartphone for months with android.

Obviously it is early to talk about whether this NIO mobile will be sold in Spain and Latin America, but seeing the potential of the brand and its good work with this of the contraption with wheels in which cars have become, the truth is that its arrival in the mobile industry is great news to give variety and novelty to a saturated and bland catalogue.

NIO already has a smartphone division working on its first phone, its CEO now confirming that they will launch a mobile every year and that they want added value to convince their customers, not just an attractive price.

NIO Telephone

The NIO Phone brand, already registered in China.

Regarding strategies, Li Bin himself (CEO of NIO) has already anticipated that have the idea of ​​developing and selling only one smartphone each yearsomething similar to how Apple started with the iPhone and Google with its Nexus, although your expectations are controlled Well, they already speak directly about what “we cannot expect comparisons with smartphone manufacturers that sell more than 100 million units each year”.

According to his words, making a smartphone shouldn’t be difficult for them, although the complexity lies in acceptance and added valuethat will make the mobile of NIO something acceptable and useful to the customers of your core businesswhich will continue to be that of cars.

Chinese experts say that the NIO Phone will be available throughout this yearsurely at the end of the summer, without there being much information about a hardware that will bet on Qualcomm chips and a very high-performance fast charge of 100 watts or more. And the price, they anticipate from the NIO dome, In no event will it exceed $1,000. to make more attractive and convince in all aspects.

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