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the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra presents us with its first concepts


Just launched the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, it seems that the most seasoned design fans already imagine what the Galaxy S24 Ultra of 2024 will be like.

King position, heir in the making: the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra presents us with its first concepts
Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra concept pictured in ‘Technizo Concept’.

There is a whole year left for the Samsung Galaxy S24 make an appearance at a Unpacked 2024 which, however, has already started, and it is that indeed, with the newly arrived S23 and the Galaxy S23 Ultra going through all the analysis tables in the industry, some of the most creative fans of the South Korean giant They are already imagining what a Galaxy S24 Ultra could be like with a new photographic configuration and a huge main sensor.

The design is from the YouTube channel Technical Conceptwhere it has been published, but our classmates presented it to us android headlines telling us the details of an interesting concept that goes through maintaining the lines and evolutions of Samsungalthough giving an important touch to the photographic montage.

Obviously don’t take it as a leakbecause it is not, nor are we going to comment on anything about the hardware that is expected, with that marriage between Qualcomm and Samsung that next year will continue to bring joy to the majority, although you will be able to draw some conclusion from that comparison that for many made us think that waiting for the Galaxy S24 Ultra was a better idea to launch from an S22 Ultra to the new Galaxy S23 Ultra this year.

This is the first concept of a hypothetical Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra for which a whole year would be missing

Well, as you will see in the video published by the designers who have worked the magic, all the design lines that Samsung has evolved this year have continued on that highly acclaimed pathperhaps relying on the good criticism garnered by the Galaxy S23 Ultra with its small tweaks.

We talked about all of those flatter edgesthat present us with a screen that is also flatter and more usable, although always with rounded bevels to improve ergonomics of the set.

The rear would follow this strategy while maintaining symmetry, with a flatter glass but with equally curved edgesthat gives prominence to a different photographic module, surely designed to accommodate a 1-inch main sensor that Samsung has not yet dared to mount a Galaxy S, and that despite the fact that the S23 Ultra have cameras of superlative size.

In fact, according to these creative Samsung would choose to remove one of the four lensesin all probability one of the two telephoto lenses, improving the others to maintain photographic versatility without the need for that intermediate optical zoom of 2 or 3 magnifications telephoto on the periscope.

I would also return a small island to frame the camerasstrange thing, with the physical buttons in the same position and the S-Pen also on the left side as before, surely the least intuitive and logical but also the only valid one given the size of the camera modules.

There is not much more to comment because It’s actually just a fan concept.but the truth is that it does take ideas that we hope Samsung will work on, like that return to flat screens in one way or another and the usual photographic improvement which today is the only thing that justifies the very high prices.

What do you expect from the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra? Will it continue to get closer to the perfect mobile?

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