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The sky doesn’t mind xQc, a famous streamer even smashes the table. When trying to make a Minecraft Speedrun, but unable to find the item until the nut is loose.


Saturday, December 24, 2022 at 1:26:37 AM, Indochina time.

Go back a few days ago, there was an event with a fist of a famous streamer. xQc Which has opened the stream for tens of thousands of viewers to watch as usual The content in the beginning will be watching various videos, sitting and answering. Reddit Of yourself in a chill way before coming to the end of playing Minecraft for more than 8 stuck hour

for the reason that xQc decide to pick up the game Minecraft came to play because he wanted to set a world record in the end of the game Minecraft version 1.16 As soon as possible And this time wasn’t the first time. Because during the previous period xQc Always tried to break the record But the time he had done was considered quite high. And he himself was not very satisfied with this time.

And this fistful event finally came to pass when the way xQc have played Minecraft type Speedrun as usual and is in the process that the person wants to search Flint or a lighter to light the door of the world Nether by search method Flint Then there will be a simple technique just to hit. Gravel will have the opportunity to receive Flint to use for free


But it turned out that after xQc has used this method to join more than 30 The second, but the last of his desires did not appear to have emerged. Causing him to be so upset that he punched the table furiously which is considered one of the most angry moments of late players Speedrun who want to quickly finish the game that has it all

last way xQc can’t create a new record of the game Minecraft succeeded, but even so, the audience was able to watch xQc It is a replacement and can be said to be the profit of the audience in the best possible way.

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