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The Sony INZONE H7 headphones have a discount of more than 40 euros in their price on Amazon


In general, Sony headphones are usually priced at 230 euros and now you can save about 46 euros.

The Sony INZONE H7 headphones have a discount of more than 40 euros in their price on Amazon
The Sony INZONE H7 have a 20% discount on their price on Amazon

If you are a user of current generation consoles, Xbox Series and PS5Surely you have already enjoyed one of the most outstanding functions of these new machines: 3D sound. We already anticipate that the product that stars in this offer is a sony productso this will be more than useful for your playstation 5. Returning to 3D sound, obviously there is a great headphone selection that allow us to enjoy it in a very optimal way and one of these They are the Sony INZONE H7.

The Sony INZONE H7 are one of those expensive alternatives on the marketbut of course, they also offer benefits that are up to the task. The good thing about these helmets is that right now They have a discount on their price on Amazonwhich is usually from €229.99, practically the same price as on the official Sony websitewhere they cost 230 euros. He discount is 20% and leaves us with a more than good opportunity to get hold of them. If you’re sure whether you want them or not, it might help to know that INZONE H7s have a 4.2-star ratingwhile 64% of these evaluations they label them as a 5 star product.


The Sony INZONE H7 have a 20% discount on Amazon

Getting into the matter, and taking into account that its usual price on Amazon is 229.99 euros and its discount is 20%, The Sony INZONE H7 are priced at 184 eurosat the time of writing these words. As you can see, the discount is 45.99 euroswhich is not bad and even more so if we think that we are dealing with an official Sony product that will make the sessions on PS5 are the most immersive. It should also be mentioned that these helmets have free shippingin case you have Amazon Prime. On the other hand, in addition to the company’s official website, these wireless headphones also They are discounted at PcComponentes.

Having said all this, it is worth mentioning that the Sony INZONE H7, like the Pulse 3D, are ideal headphones to fully enjoy games on PS5, and more if they are multiplayer titleswhere paying attention to all the details is more than important. Going into more technical terms, we are dealing with helmets with 7.1 surround soundscam 360 spatial technology dedicated to the gaming field and with acoustic isolation.

Beyond this, these headphones, which have a design very similar to that of the PS5 itselfIt seems that they are the most comfortable and the truth is that they have all the paint. These are made with wide nylon pads They distribute the weight evenly across the head. It is also worth mentioning that they have a 2.4GHz wireless connection with the usb transceiver and a low delay algorithmwhich reduces latency from the sound source to the output.


On the other hand, we cannot fail to comment that They also have Bluetooth 5.0 and a battery that can reach up to 40 hours of autonomy on a single charge. Before finishing, remember that the Sony INZONE H7 are at a price of 184 euros on Amazon and with free shipping.

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