Home Tech The television turns itself off: causes and possible solutions

The television turns itself off: causes and possible solutions

The television turns itself off: causes and possible solutions


Do you have problems with your television? If it turns off by itself, in this guide you will find the best solutions to solve this problem.

The television turns itself off: causes and possible solutions
If your TV is giving you problems, here are some solutions.

In this article we explore the possible causes and solutions when the television turns itself off. We will review aspects such as the electrical connection, the HDMI cable, the timer, the remote controls, software or hardware problems, as well as the importance of going to the manufacturer, especially if the device has a guarantee. Find out how to fix this common issue on your TV!

Check the electrical connection

One of the first steps you should take when you have the problem that the television turns itself off is check electrical connection. It may seem obvious and, in fact, it is, but sometimes serious errors occur at this point that condition the operation of the television.

the forbidden sign on a television

If the power cord is not well connected, rest assured that your TV will turn itself off randomly.

Often the intermittent power outages or a plug in poor condition can be the cause of this inconvenience. Therefore, you should do the following to rule out that this is the true cause:

  • Power cord. Check that it is firmly connected to both the power outlet and the TV.
  • have put. Take a look to find damaged or frayed wires that may interfere with the electrical connection.

When everything seems to be in order, the best thing is that try plugging the TV into a different outlet or consider that there is a more complex problem in the device.

Check out the HDMI cable

Let’s see another case. Sometimes when the TV turns off by itself, it may be related to the HDMI connector. This cable is in charge of transmit the video and audio signal from the connected devices.

The television turns itself off: causes and possible solutions

The HDMI cable can cause the image to disappear from time to time on your TV

It is important to clarify that, when the HDMI cable does not work well, the television usually does not turn off completely. However, yes causes the image to disappear and cause the panel to be completely black. This conveys the feeling that the television turns itself off.

Either way, do the following to download issues:

  • Check the status of the HDMI cable. Is it properly plugged into both the TV and the input source?
  • Look for apparent damage. Trace the cable with your hand to find any damage or kinks, as this can affect the quality of the connection and cause intermittent blackouts.
  • Replaces the wire. Even if there is no apparent damage, the cable may have an internal problem. That’s why, buy an HDMI cable and check if the problem persists.

Check that the timer is not activated

Assume that the HDMI cable and power connection are working fine. Another aspect to consider is if the timer is activated. Some TVs have an auto power off feature that allows you to set a certain time for it to turn off.

This feature is usually activated for two reasons:

  • The user has set an automatic shutdown time. In that case, go to the settings menu of your TV and check if the timer is enabled and if it coincides with the times when you experience the unexpected shutdown. If so, disable the timer or adjust the settings according to your preferences.
  • Energy saving. Another reason is that the TV detects that there is no activity and turns off to minimize electricity consumption. In these cases, it is enough to start the reproduction of a content to prevent it from happening.

Check if Google Assistant or Alexa is turning off the TV

Be very careful with smart devices! Why do we say that? If you have a smart device at home, such as Google Assistant or Alexait is possible that they are turning off the television.

Sonos speaker with Google Assistant

Could it be that Google Assistant is turning off your TV due to a wrong configuration?

Here are some solutions:

  • Make specific and clear requests. Voice assistants receive voice commands and sometimes misinterpret them. Does the TV turn itself off just when you command something to your speaker? You may be getting confused.
  • Review the configured routines. It tries to remember if there are scheduled actions to turn off connected devices. Make sure there are no routines or actions that are programmed to turn off the TV without your knowledge.
  • Disconnect your TV from the platform. Perhaps in the past you made an automatic shutdown setting. Keep in mind that even if you no longer use your speaker or have sold it, the programs you implemented will still be active. It is best to unlink the TV from the platform in question.

The light is gone?

If you meet the situation that the TV turns off by itself, it is important consider if there has been a power outage in your area. This is especially important if it is during the day, when there are usually no more lights on in the house and it is more difficult to detect an interruption in the supply.

The checks go through trying to use other appliances to see if they have been turned off as well. Wait some minutes to see if power is restored and, in the event of an extended outage, contact the power company for more information.

Remote control problems

Chromecast with Google TV

Be careful with the remote controls of other devices: they could control your television.

Remote controls, even those of other devices, could be turning off your television without you knowing it. Or the remote control of the device itself may have stopped working properly. How to know if this is the real problem?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Remove batteries from other remotesespecially if they are usually near the television that turns itself off. Any controller that works with infrared can give you problems in this regard.
  • With the TV remotetry pointing directly at the device. Take a look to see if other devices are turned off.
  • Check if there are any stuck or stuck buttons on the TV remote. This could cause unexpected behavior, including automatic shutdown.
  • Don’t forget the batteries. Replacing the batteries in the remote can also help resolve issues related to button malfunctions.

Software or hardware failures

Finally, when the television turns off by itself, it can also be attributed to software or hardware errors.

  • Software. These errors can be related to faulty updates or incorrect settings. An effective solution is to reset the device or download the latest version of the operating system.
  • Hardware. They are failures that have to do with defective components, manufacturing deficiencies or internal wear.

Do not forget that, in Spain, the law establishes a 3-year warranty for products like televisions. This means that if the equipment develops problems within this period, the manufacturer is responsible for making the necessary repairs free of charge. If you experience persistent difficulties with the television, contact the manufacturer’s customer service for guidance on how to proceed.


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