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The Terminator is back! Cult film director warns of AI dangers


The Terminator is back! Cult film director warns of AI dangers

The famous director James Cameron, the creator of the cult film “Terminator”, expressed his opinion regarding the development of artificial intelligence and the potential dangers that this technology may pose in the future.

In a new interview with CTV News, Cameron discussed the motives of those involved in the development of artificial intelligence systems. The director asked the question: are these technologies created for profit or for defense? At the same time, he emphasized the threat that artificial intelligence may represent for mankind with further advances in technology. “I warned you in 1984, but you didn’t listen,” he said. According to Cameron, AI weaponization is the biggest danger.

There is a discussion in Hollywood right now about how to integrate AI into the process of creating movies and TV shows without replacing people. This topic became relevant after the unions of actors and screenwriters held a historic double strike, demanding protection from artificial intelligence technology.

But, despite the worries, Cameron does not believe that artificial intelligence will soon replace screenwriters: “The question is not who wrote the script, but is it a good story?” In his opinion, BB is not capable of creating a genuine and exciting story that will touch the audience. “I’m not interested in a story written by AI,” the director says, adding that he’s ready to reconsider if AI wins an Oscar for Best Screenplay in 20 years.

Nevertheless, artificial intelligence remains a subject of Cameron’s interest. He is considering exploring this topic more deeply in his future projects, and does not rule out that with a possible revival of the Terminator franchise, AI will be at the center of the plot.

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