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The VALORANT team unveils the Premier system and reveals some interesting details.


Saturday, March 4, 2023, 1:41:44 PM, Indochina time

Come true, not based on fiction, because a few days ago on the channel YouTube of value Has come out to announce and release information of the new system Premier come out to be seen Which has many interesting details and which can go to see more details at the video below

for a new system like Premier will be a new competitive system that will be added within the game And will allow everyone to create their own team. Including competing in various programs from the way riot To collect points each week and compete for the number one to step into a beautiful future in the future.


Including in the future of the system Premier When the team can work out well, it will have the opportunity to step into the path of a new team in the world of VCT Challenger Including the more you do the better. your path as pro player It will bloom even more until it may be granted franchise status. And step into the big competition in the list expert various including Valuable Champions which will happen within the near future

VALORANT-Premier-Open Beta-01

For the following information, it is one of the author’s own guesses. Therefore, it is possible that it may be wrong. Therefore, it is advisable to listen to it better. which will be at the beginning of the video before the team reveals the details, it can be seen that the team has brought a gun prefect In a different color from the original to show it. It is possible that such skins may be used within the game. And can take points from competitions within the system Premier allow players to exchange for skins, spray including friend Various are also possible.

VALORANT-Premier-Open Beta-02

Finally, the system Premier There are plans to let players participate in the official test during Chapter 6 Act 3 or about a month June Approximately for friends who want to move forward in the industry e-sports Seriously, you may need to quickly train your skills and find your teammates quickly. Because I can tell that the industry e-sports of value This will definitely stay together for a long time.

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