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These are the 13 key news you should know


One more year in Mountain View, the friends of Google present us with all their advances in AI for this 2023, many new features for their services and three Pixel devices to make our mouths water… Here are all the details!

Google I/O 2023: these are the 13 key news you should know about
Meeting expectations, Google has presented at I/O 2023 a lot of new hardware and ecosystem.

With the premise of “make AI more useful for everyone” was showing up Google in this I/O 2023 that we have lived a few hours ago, and that has left us a lot of news focused not only on the Google ecosystem and the experience with its connected services, but also on a new version beta 2 android 14 and various devices made by googlewith the expected pixel tabletthe bestseller Affordable Pixel 7a and the great star of the event, the impressive Google pixel fold.

It has been a fundamental very long, good full of news and announcements in its more than 3 and a half hours, so for those of you who have time right here we leave you full video of the event celebrated in the shoreline amphitheater of Mountain View. In any case, as always and to make your life easier, Now we summarize all the details and the most important news of what Google and its partners They have not presented throughout the afternoon … Don’t miss it, we’re starting!

Here’s all the news from Google I/O 2023

1. PaLM 2 is Google’s new AI model

With a lot of AI and a lot of deep learning involved, Google started the event by showing us PaLM 2, which when it comes to the new generation of its language modelnow more powerful and with support for 100 languages, it will obviously be at the base of Bard and all of Google’s conversational AI services.

2. Google Bard gets older

It was born on the wrong foot and long before its time because of ChatGPT, but Google Bard was missing a cook that it seems to have received for this I/O 2023, where it has already been presented open and available to all promising more languages, visual Q&A, integration with “tools” from third parties like Adobe Firefly to render images and even a dark mode that will blend perfectly with your amazing math and programming skills.

3. Gmail, Google Maps and Google Photos debut AI features

All Google tools receive news, especially related to AI, highlighting the Google Maps 3D Navigationthe function ‘Help me write’ that will write the emails for us in Gmail or the awesome new magic redactor from Google Photos.

4. The intelligent evolution of Google Search

Google’s core business, search, is also getting generative AI-based enhancements to search one way “simpler and smarter”. Now snapshots with related information will be shown, and in addition a talk mode is included in searches that will improve our experience.

5. Google and ethics, or how to know if content is generated by AI

Additionally, both in Look for as in Google Lens we can find new context-related featuresthat will start by showing us information “About” in the pictures so we can identify those generated by AI at a glance.

6. More customization options on Android, for a change also powered by AI

Generative artificial intelligences are also coming to Android to improve the keyboard, which will now help us write in an automated way through AI, although it will not be the only improvement since Android will be able to create auto-generated wallpapers even from combinations of emojialong with additional options personalization lock screen with new widgets, clocks, shortcuts and more.

7. The new version ‘Beta 2’ Android 14 is here

It could not be missing, so Google I/O 2023 has also served as a springboard for the launch of the second preview version of Android 14which includes a new theme engine, cinematic wallpapers, generative AI enhancements that we discussed before, and other additional news along with the already traditional optimization and bug fixes.

8. The Android for you Smart watch also advances in 2023

Also the android for wearable will be updated this yearand in the main conference of I/O 2023 some of their news related to energy optimizationthe creation of spheres that now will not require any type of code, as well as new native apps that will be key to improve the experience and give depth to the system.

9. More apps for Wear OS, led by WhatsApp!

And among those key apps that will come to Wear OS, one stands out above all else, because WhatsApp already works natively on smart watches on the Google platform at least if we use the version beta of the most popular messaging service on the planet.

10 Lots of news for ‘Find your device’ with android

We never remember this app until we need it, but Google has one of the best tools on the market to search for our devices with Android when we lose them or they are stolen. Now this service you will be able to find the terminals even when they do not have an Internet connectionBeing able to also locate more types of devices, not only the mobile, using technology similar to that of Apple and its AirTags through a collaboration agreement with those of Cupertino.

eleven The most affordable Pixel mobile is updated

And now entering hardware we have three important novelties that begin with the best seller of Pixel mobiles made by googlewhich is updated with the name of Pixel 7a keeping the Tensor G2 chip, mobile photography and hardware/software integration as great incentives. It will be sold in Spain and costs from 509 euros.

12 Now that Android likes big screens, Google wants a tablet too

Also with the Google Tensor G2 chipset and sponsored by the appearance of “Android L” with its large screen capabilities, we now have a tablet of origin Google that will mark the way to all the others From an economic concept, then it will cost about 550 euros in Europe. The bad news is that their markets are limited for now.

13 The main character, the Google Pixel Fold, is so impressive with enormously expensive

And the last announcement is also the most anticipated and important, because Indeed, Google was preparing a folding that will mix the concept of the Samsung Fold with the format of the OPPO Find N, perhaps becoming the most compensated and attractive flexible mobile due to this format, its resistant construction and the integration of the software, which will obviously be the best in the Android catalog. That does cost a whopping 1,899 eurosand for now it will only be sold in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and Japan.

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