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These are the best Android games that you can install right now according to Google itself


Google has selected the best Android games for July available on Google Play.

These are the best Android games that you can install right now according to Google itself
Playing a racing game on an Android smartphone

As usual each month, Google has selected the best new games for android that have landed on the Google Play Store over the past few weeks. On this occasion, the app store publishers have shared with the world your favorite releases this July.

The collection includes both the featured game of julyas a selection of outstanding titles, and other news from independent creators. In addition, the vast majority of the selected titles are free games. Let’s see all the featured games of this month.

PoleTad is the best Android game of July, according to Google

The editors of Google Play have chosen pulley as your favorite game for this month of July. With more than 10,000 downloads, the title developed by Alexandre Casual Games invites us to help tadpoles move around coral reefs.

This is a game with simple mechanics, where you only have to touch the screen to make the tadpoles jump from one place to another, avoiding the dangers that will appear on your way.

The game has many different worlds to exploreall of them designed with care following the same minimalist aesthetic.

Download PoleTad on Google Play

The best Android games of July

In addition to highlighting their favorite game, the editors have also selected several of your favorite titles For this month. In total there are nine:

  • Super Cat Tales: PAWS: platform game where you will accompany the PAWS team, a group of cats whose main objective is to protect the city of Nekolandia.
  • KARDS – ww2 card game– A card game inspired by World War II, combining a traditional collectible card system with modern strategy game mechanics.
  • antivine: graphic adventure with a careful graphic section, where you will accompany a couple along the Chengying plain, an impressive place but full of vines that will not make it easy for you to move forward.
  • Little corner tea house: casual simulation game where you will manage a tea room. You must serve customers and keep them happy.
  • lucid lenses: romantic adventure game where every decision you make will change the story. It stands out for its plot and promises to “touch your heartstrings.”
  • History of the ruins– 2D vertical shooter that can be controlled with just one finger. You will have to kill the enemies, create constructions and unlock new elements that will help you advance.
  • Run Legends – Cooperative Fitness RPG: cooperative fitness game where the player’s movements control the character. By moving, you will escape from enemies, which represent the anxieties and problems of the real world.
  • Autogun Heroes: Run and Gun: 3D shooting action game where you have to kill all the aliens as you progress through the different levels.
  • BLACKPINK THE GAME: the official game of the famous k-pop group. It is a simulation game where the player will have to manage his own agency.

The best new indie games of July

If you are looking for games from independent developersGoogle Google editors also bring you some of the best titles that have been released in the last few weeks:

  • golf odyssey 2– A 2D golf game that offers a relaxing experience with minimal graphics in a pixel art style.
  • hoop land: basketball game with retro graphics and a top view, where you can choose your favorite team and win matches until you reach the top.
  • words collide: a more modern version of the mythical Scrabble, where you can compete with friends in games where your objective is to combine the letters to form words.
  • rhythm killer: the ultimate combination of action and rhythm games. In RhythmAssassin you will have to kill the enemies to the rhythm of the music, as you progress through the different levels.
  • Daisho: Samurai Survival: clock game set in historical Japan of the Sengoku era, with touches of action thanks to the battles against ninjas.
  • magic and machines: game that combines a fantasy story with increasingly difficult puzzles. Its creators define it as the perfect game for those who grew up with turn-based role-playing games and are now looking for a new adventure.

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