Home Tech These are the only Androids that can stand up to the iPhone 14 around the world

These are the only Androids that can stand up to the iPhone 14 around the world

These are the only Androids that can stand up to the iPhone 14 around the world


A new report reveals which are the best-selling mobiles in the main markets and, beware, Android has nothing to envy the iPhone 14.

These are the only Androids that can stand up to the iPhone 14 around the world
There are Android phones with a high level of sales in different countries, they even surpass the iPhone 14 in success.

He iPhone 14 it is a bestseller all over the world and in all its versions, from the standard to the Pro Max. However, a Counterpoint Research report reveals that there is Android phones that are standing up to the iPhone 14 in terms of sales. In fact, in some countries these smartphones with Android operating system are even ahead of the mobiles of Apple.

Specifically, the Counterpoint Research study focuses on the 8 most popular markets all over the planet, including some such as the United States, China and India. As far as the best-selling Android phones are concerned, we find brands well known to all as samsung, xiaomi and kingdom. Be careful, because in some markets it is the cheapest smartphones that are facing the iPhone 14, even matching their sales numbers.

These are the Androids that stand up to the iPhone 14

Counterpoint Research publishes on a monthly basis what are the 5 best-selling mobiles in 8 countries: United States, China, India, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, France and South Korea. The latest data revealed belongs to the April of this 2023 and, if we take a quick look, we see that the different iPhone 14s are present in most of the countries in the report.

OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite with OnePlus Nord Buds

The OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite 5G is one of the best-selling mobiles in India.

We only need to look at the rankings in more depth to verify that Apple’s reign is not so forceful. Where the American brand has it most complicated is in India, where Android takes the top 4 positions top 5. The best-selling model in this country in April was the OnePlus Nord CE 3 Litewith 4% From the market. The rest of the ranking is occupied by the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G, the redmi 12che realm C55 and the iPhone 13, all of them with 3% of total sales.

Android smartphones they also dominate in South Koreamarket in which Samsung is especially strong. The best-selling terminal was the samsung galaxy s23 (12%)followed by Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (10%) and of Samsung Galaxy A34 (8%). Of course, the rest of the top belongs to Apple, with the iPhone 14 in third position (7%) and the iPhone 14 Pro (6%). Samsung’s success in South Korea is no surprise, as we already know that the mark is precisely from there.

Just Apple and Samsung share the top 5 best-selling mobiles in April in France. The first place is occupied by the iPhone 14 (15%), although the second is for the Samsung Galaxy S23 (9%). The data are similar in Germany and in United Kingdomalthough there are a detail in the latter that calls our attention. And it is that the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G and the Samsung Galaxy A14 are made with the fourth and fifth position, showing that cheap mobiles also have a large audience.

iPhone 14

On the other hand, Apple’s dominance is consistent in the United Stateswhere it is done with the first three positions. The best seller in the US country has been the iPhone 14 (14%), well ahead of the second, the iPhone 14 Pro Max (9%). The domain of the brand It is also present in Chinawhere it stays with the first 4 positions with around 4% of mobile sales. However, the OPPO A58 is very close to them, which ended April with 3% of sales.

In summary, the iPhone 14 and its variants appear among the best-selling mobile phones in most of the countries investigated in the report, with the great exception of India. We already see that this generation of Apple smartphones is a success, although the study has also helped us to confirm that there are Apple mobiles that stand up to it.

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