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these headphones have excellent noise canceling and a great discount


If you are looking for wireless headphones with excellent noise cancellation, these from Sony are my recommendation and, in addition, they are already falling in price.

They are from Sony and I love them - these headphones have excellent noise cancellation and a great discount
These Sony headphones are comfortable, with good sound and excellent noise cancellation.

The Sony WF-1000XM4 They are the highest quality wireless earbuds on the market. Sony’s headphone catalogbut there are other models that are very worthwhile, especially if your budget is smaller. I want to recommend the Sony LinkBuds Sthat I was able to analyze a few months ago and that I love. I was especially surprised by its compact size and the excellent work of active noise cancellationthey are really worth it.

Another aspect why I recommend the Sony LinkBuds S is because they tend to star big discounts. Its recommended retail price is 179 euros, but in Amazon it is possible to find them even for about 100 euros. They are also for sale in PcComponentsalthough here they do not usually star in such good offers. In short, you get very complete wireless headphones and, incidentally, you save a good amount of money on the purchase.

Sony LinkBuds S

Sony LinkBuds S, very good headphones that drop in price

One of the things that caught my attention the most when using the Sony Linkbuds S was their design. I found myself with a well-built headset, as well as its charging box, but also very light and compact. The LinkBuds S fit perfectly in the ear and, thanks to that reduced weight, we can use them without hardly noticing that they are there. The case fits perfectly in any pocket, so we can always carry it with us.

When it came time to test the audio, Sony’s headphones did not disappoint. Its 5-millimeter dynamic drivers offer a good sound experiencewith enough quality to enjoy music, podcasts, games, series and, in short, all audio content. Are LDAC codec compatible and with DSEE Extreme technology, which allows us to enjoy a more advanced sound experience.

Among the sections that surprised me the most about the Sony LinkBuds S is active noise cancellation. By activating the function, the sound around us disappears almost completely, which allows us to listen to the audio without external disturbances. In fact, they are among best noise canceling wireless headphones what can you buy.

The experience with helmets also gains value due to the multiple tools that they offer us. For example, the speak-to-chat feature It takes care of automatically disabling cancellation when it hears us speak so that we can have a conversation without removing our headphones. On the other hand, it is very useful connecting to the Sony Headphones app on mobile, which gives access to key tools such as the equalizer.

You can rest easy in terms of compatibility, because you can use the Sony LinkBuds S with your smartphone, your smart TV or your tablet No problem. To control playback remotely you can use the touch controls, which I really liked for its accuracy and speed. They also have a proximity detection system, so the music stops automatically when you remove the headphones.

Sony LinkBuds S

The final touch is put by a more than correct autonomy. Based on my own experience I can tell you that you will be able to use the LinkBuds S during about 6 hours with ANC onextending to 9 o’clock if you do without this function. In total, with the cancellation you will enjoy about 20 hours of autonomya very positive number. Seeing how well ANC works, we recommend you always keep it activated.

Black, ecru, white or blue, choose your favorite tone for the Sony LinkBuds S and get good wireless headphones. As we mentioned, you can find them on sale regularly in Amazon Y in PcComponents.

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