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these Xiaomi headphones collapse


You can get the latest wireless headphones from Xiaomi for less than you expect.

Noise cancellation and great sound for only 37 euros: these Xiaomi headphones collapse
The Redmi Buds 4 in their charging case.

You don’t have to pay too much to get one. good wireless headphones last generation. The buds redmi 4 they can be yours for only 37 euros thanks to this AliExpress offer, with fast and safe shipping from Spain. In just a few days you will have them at home.

Its price today in the Xiaomi official store It is €49.57and that they have a discount. Keep in mind that they went on sale not too long ago €59.99you have the possibility to save a good percentage with the help of AliExpress.

We had the opportunity to analyze these Redmi Buds 4 a short time ago and they left us with great feelings, its value for money is enviable. As my colleague Christian Collado pointed out, they offer a sound quality identical to that of his older brothers, the Redmi Buds 4 Pro. You can’t ask for much more for less than 40 euros…

buds redmi 4

Buy Xiaomi headphones for very little

Who does not have wireless headphones? Today they are almost essential, they allow us to take music everywhere and enjoy while traveling on public transport, walking, working or simply when we are lying on the sofa. They will become your faithful companions.

These Redmi Buds 4 are very light, they will fit seamlessly in your ears and you can wear them all day without any discomfort. Keep your small charging case in your pocket and that’s it, you’ll always have them close at hand. When you get used to having them you won’t be able to live without them.

As we have pointed out, the xiaomi headphones arrive with good sound qualityyou will listen to your favorite artists properly. In addition, they incorporate technology designed to cancel outside noisenothing will interrupt your musical experience.

Its autonomy is not far behind, our tests showed that They are capable of holding up to 6 hours of playback without interruptions. Are you very demanding? No problem, with the help of their case they can reach the 30 hours in totalyou will have plenty of energy for the whole day.

buds redmi 4

If you’re looking for some good wireless headphones at a discount, look no further. You will be able to connect these Redmi Buds 4 to all your devices, whatever they may be, and enjoy your favorite artists wherever you are. For less than 40 euros they are an exceptional purchase.

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