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This 65-inch 4K Samsung TV is the bargain of Prime Day


You save 660 euros when you buy this magnificent smart TV with Ultra HD images, powerful sound and an operating system to view apps like Netflix.

From 1,199 to 539 euros: this 65-inch 4K Samsung TV is the bargain of Prime Day
This Samsung smart TV on sale features a slim-edge design for a more immersive experience.

He Amazon Prime Day It has not yet finished, but we already have what is the great bargain in the smart TVs section. It’s about the Samsung Crystal BU8000 TV in your model 65 incheswhich has a recommended retail price of 1199 euro. During these days you can buy it much cheaper, because its price it sinks to 539 euros. As you can see, it is a spectacular offer that allows you to buy this impressive TV at more than half its price.

Specifically, with this offer you save more than you pay when you buy the Samsung TV Crystal BU8000. We are talking about a smart TV with images of impressive quality thanks to the Ultra HD 4K resolution and support for HDR10+ content. It has Tizen OS operating system, which means that you will be able to watch content from apps like Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube. If we add its quality and the discount of 660 euros, we are facing an irresistible opportunity.

This Samsung TV Crystal BU8000 is also on sale in MediaMarkt, but it only goes down to 759 euros. Meanwhile, in the official Samsung store it falls to 919 euros. you see that It has an unbeatable price on Amazon.but you should know that you have to be subscribed to Amazon Prime to take advantage of the discount. If you want to know other spectacular bargains like this, you can continue The best Amazon Prime Day deals live.

Samsung Crystal 65BU8000 TV

Buy this 65-inch 4K TV for only 539 euros

The Samsung TV Crystal BU8000 is a wise purchase for its good value for money. First, build a 65 inch big screen scam 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) with which you can see any type of content with maximum clarity. Thanks to the 4K Crystal Processor, the TV can reproduce over a billion colors so you can enjoy movies, series, television programs, documentaries and games to the fullest.

In short, this smart TV ensures you a high-level experience, as if you were in the movie theater. In addition, the reduced borders around the screen ensure a more immersive display of the content. On the other hand, it has support for HDR10+ contentwhich means you’ll enjoy more vivid colors and purer blacks.

Mounted on Samsung TV BU8000 your own 20 watt speakerthat ensures that the audio quality is just as good as the image. Thanks to the technology of adaptive soundit will automatically change to be perfect in each scene. This speaker will be very useful to you as well use the tv to playas it ensures an immersive experience so that you feel like you are on the pitch itself.

The purchase of this Samsung smart TV is also appropriate for its operating system, Tizen operating system. You will only have to enter the application store to download and install apps like Prime Video, HBO Max, YouTube or Twitch. In this way, you make sure that with the smart TV you can access a huge world of entertainment to watch your favorite content.

Samsung Crystal 65BU8000 TV

It is important that you also know that it is a TV very complete in terms of connectivity. It has 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, a network input, an RF input, a digital audio output, a CI slot, WiFi 5 and Bluetooth 5.2, among other options. In the box you will find the remote control to control the operation of the smart TV, control that can also be by voice thanks to the compatibility with Alexa, Google Assistant and Bixby.

The bottom line is that this 65-inch Samsung Crystal BU8000 TV is the ideal opportunity to renew your old television. Star in a brutal discount of 660 euros that allows you buy it for only 539 euros on Amazonit’s a brutal bargain. If you want to know other options, you can see others Good and cheap smart TVs for less than 500 euros.

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