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This anti-hacking cable costs $30, but if you’re smart you won’t need it at all


Charging your mobile in public places can be dangerous for your mobile, but this trick is all you need to protect yourself.

This anti-hacking cable costs $30, but if you're smart you won't need it at all
Charging your mobile in airports, bus stations and other public places can lead to serious security problems.

The USB ports located in places like airportsBus stations and restaurants can be real life savers when we urgently need to charge our mobile. However, these ports are also one of the ways hackers use to get hold of our private data. To avoid this danger, the OSSOM company has created a anti-hacking USB cable that only receives power from the port to which it is connected, without actually transmitting data.

This cable, known as OSSOM Privacy, has a price of 30 dollars (about 28 euros to change), but we already told you that you don’t need to get hold of him to protect your privacy. If you ever need to charge your mobile in public places, such as an airport or a train station, we tell you a simple trick that will allow you to do it with complete peace of mind without fear of putting your photos or your bank account data at risk.

OSOM Privacy, the cable you don’t need to avoid hacking

juice lift is the name of the technique that makes charging your mobile in an airport is not a good idea. Specifically, the problem is with USB charging points located in public places such as train stations. By connecting your mobile, a virus is downloaded into it who soon takes care of seize all the terminal dataincluding those related to your bank account.

Juice Jacking-cover

Charging your mobile at public USB charging points can be very dangerous.

The OSSOM company has developed a solution to this problem, a usb cable with a switch with which data transmission can be blocked. This cable, called OSSOM Privacy, what it achieves is transferring power from the USB port to the mobile, but preventing the same from happening with the data. Thus, what it does is block the arrival of possible viruses to the smartphone when you charge it in USB ports in public places.

Of course, this OSSOM cable is also useful when you want to transfer data between your mobile and your computer, for example. To do this, you just have to press on its switch until the light turns redIndicating that data transfer is enabled. Although it is focused on security, this cable is compatible with fast charging of your mobile, supports up to 60W.

The FBI itself has warned of the serious consequences of being a victim of Juice Jacking. However, we have to tell you that the OSSOM Privacy cable is not the only method to avoid possible hacking when charging your mobile at public charging points. If you want to save the $30 this cable is worth, all you have to do is use your own adapter when charging your mobile in this type of rooms.

OSOM Privacy Cable

The OSSOM Privacy cable has the two USB-C ports.

Exactly, you should avoid USB points and go to the traditional outletswhere you should use the wall adapter you always use with your mobile. In this way, you will ensure that the smartphone receives the necessary energy without endangering it with the possible reception of malicious files. Also, so too charging will be faster than if you opt for the USB port.

Besides being expensive and forcing you to remember to turn on the switch, OSSOM Privacy cable has another problem. And it is that its two ends are USB-Cwhich greatly limits its use. If you look, most of the charging ports available in public places are USB-A, so you couldn’t use this OSSOM cable there.

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