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This heartbreaking film has the best performance of Christian Bale and is free to stream


This movie is going to make you sick, but it’s an absolute gem.

This heartbreaking film has the best performance of Christian Bale and is free to stream
This is a truly disturbing cult movie.

Sometimes we can find places to see movies online for free and legally in a very interesting way. One might think that these platforms only have regular movies, but the truth is that in their catalogs we can find authentic jewels. At the time we told you about Complete Pluto TV CatalogTotally free television where we can also watch streaming content.

Today we bring you an authentic jewel that deserves a little more noise and that is really disturbing. Let’s see what it has to offer us and, above all, how can we see it totally free.

Christian Bale’s best performance

Christian Bale is a method actor that offers us absolutely genuine and brutal performances. Virtually every one of his movies deserves attention just because he’s in the cast. However, in “Vice” where he plays Dick Cheney or in this movie that we are going to discuss today, their physical transformations are so incredible that they scare.

This is “The Machinist”, a film in which Christian Bale plays the factory worker with insomniareason why reality begins to blur and is no longer aware of what is is living in the real world and what is it really about a dream without more. The truth is that this will make the film somewhat confusing, but it is directed in a very intelligent way to make us think all the time that what we are seeing could be real or not. Its strengths are the following:

  • It’s the kind of movie that blows your mind. If you like to theorize while you’re watching it, it’s your movie. You will be thinking about it for a while after it is finished to be able to finish spinning all the plots and subplots that originally did not make much sense to you.
  • The movie gives off very bad vibes. It is disturbing and Christian Bale’s masterful performance is to blame. It plays the role so well that you really believe what you’re seeing.
  • In fact, it has one of the scenes that can generate the most discomfort outside of horror movies.
  • The rest of the characters are also at the level of a Christian Bale who is the true star of the film.

The film is not for all palates, something that can be seen in rotten tomatoes where the disparity of opinions that exist on the tape. Even so, the general approval of it is the majority and the film quickly became a cult film. It’s one of those movies our generation must see at least once.

We can watch the movie for free through Rakuten TV without registrationyes, there will be some ads in the middle of the movie if we want to see it this way. To get rid of the ads we will have to attend the netflix catalog or to Prime Video content but we will have to pay a subscription to be able to enjoy the tape.

Watch “The Machinist” on Rakuten TV

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