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This incredible post-apocalyptic movie is totally free on streaming and you can’t miss it


At the time, it was a film that the general public liked, although it was criticized a lot.

This incredible post-apocalyptic movie is totally free on streaming and you can't miss it
We can watch this movie totally free

Sometimes we are not aware that if we leave the netflix catalog or of hbo we can find movies totally free and of great quality. At the time we talked about how we could see free and legal movies and the truth is that with the passage of time we find how the catalogs of these free platforms have been implementing films of unquestionable quality. One of these cases is the one we are going to deal with today.

This movie is totally free thanks to this platform

States and society as we know them have disappeared and collapsed forever. The blow has been strong and hard, so people try to survive in a grotesque world with dozens of dangers at every corner. The main one of them all is the human being, who always behaves in a way selfish. In this setting, a father and his son travel along a road with their few belongings after the death of the mother of the family. In this way, the bonds that are formed between father and son will be indelible over time.

We are talking about “The Highway”, a surprisingly undervalued film in which we can see Viggo Mortensen in a very interesting role. Also, it’s a science fiction film based on a novel that laid the foundations of what should be the post apocalyptic world.

To synthesize these points are quite interesting:

  • It is based on the exceptional book “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy
  • It has a fable setting, with a world destroyed in which the protagonists struggle to survive.
  • The leading duo is very iconic and served as a clear reflection for other duets that had great success both on television and in video games. So, in the parent child experience that is seen in the film we find reflections in “God of War” or in the successful “The Last of Us”.
  • In general, the appearance of Viggo Mortensen is already a perfect reason to see a movie. This is not part of his best performances but even so he continues to live up to the greats.
  • This post-apocalyptic world is the seed that sank firmly and formed the roots of others that have the same style. Abandon the post-apocalyptic essence of that time in which all were great desert wastes to take us to an eternal and gray winter where nature makes its way.

The film as such did not do brilliantly at the box office. The tape cost around 25 million dollars and was only able to raise 27 million worldwide according to Mojo Box OfficeWell, it is true that they were other times, but the film did not end up fitting in with the general public despite the fact that Cormac McCarthy’s book won the Pulitzer Prize.

To see it we have it very simple, we simply have to go to pluto.tvIt is not even necessary to register so we will not even have to deposit our personal information. Pluto makes it very easy for us so that we can enjoy an endless number of entertaining and high-quality channels and movies, as is the case with “La Carretera”.

Watch “The Road” on Pluto TV

In any case, it is not the only movie that you can enjoy, there are a lot of very funny movies that are on the pluto tv catalog and that offer unquestionable quality.

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