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This is how I have managed to enjoy Apple TV + for 6 months without paying a single euro


We tell you a simple trick thanks to which you can watch Apple TV + totally free.

This is how I have managed to enjoy Apple TV + for 6 months without paying a single euro
Apple TV + has a content catalog, but within it you will find great series such as the award-winning Ted Lasso

We currently have a wide variety of streaming platforms series and movies to choose from and since we cannot have them all due to the high monthly cost that it would entail, we usually bet on those that are most popular and that have more content like Netflix, Disney+ either Amazon Prime Video.

This causes us not to give a chance to other streaming services that are not as well known as AppleTV+the series and film platform of the Cupertino company, which, despite not having as much content as the competition, does have critically acclaimed series such as Ted Lasso, Foundation, Separation or Slow Horses.

If you have ever thought about trying this service Applebut you cannot afford it because you are already paying for other streaming platforms, you are in the right place because today I am going to tell you how I managed to watch Apple TV + for 6 months without paying a single euro.

This is how I have been watching Apple TV + for half a year without paying anything

Throughout the last few months, Apple has been launching different promotions through which They gave away 2 or 3 free months of Apple TV +your streaming platform for series and movies.

Two of the best known were those starring two renowned actors like Will Smith and Selena Gomezon the occasion of the premiere on the streaming service of the films To freedom and My mind and Irespectively.

Therefore, all I had to do was take advantage of these offers and sign up for Apple TV+ with my Apple IDwith the advantage that I was able to link both promotions and, thus, when one ended I activated the other with the same Apple ID.

Thanks to those two promotions I was able to enjoy Apple TV+ for free for 4 months and after both ended, I located another one of 3 months durationwhich I currently have active, which has been launched by the German multinational Media Markt.

Silo Apple TV+

Silo is the latest hit series on Apple TV+

Of course, to activate this latest offer you will not be able to use an Apple ID that you have used previously, so you will have no choice but to create a new Apple ID to be able to enjoy it. The good news is that you will not need to have a device from the American firm to be able to create an ID, since you simply have to enter the Apple website, tap on the option Manage Apple ID and click on the button Create your Apple ID.

If you also want to take advantage of this promotion and enjoy 3 free months of Apple TV+, you just have to click on the link to the Media Markt offer that we leave you at the end of this article, click on the button redeem now and sign in with your ID on Apple TV+ by associating a payment method.

Once activated, you simply have to install the Apple TV+ app on one of the compatible devices, including Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV or Samsung, LG and Sony Smart TVs and start enjoying the content offered by the Apple platform.

Of course, remember that once the three free months have passed, you will begin to be charged €6.99 per monthwhich is the price of the streaming service, if you have not canceled it before.

Get 3 free months of Apple TV+ thanks to Media Markt

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