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This is the best seller in electronics on all of Amazon, and I’m not surprised at all


Amazon’s speaker has been plummeting in price for several weeks and sales are through the roof.

This is the best seller in electronics on all of Amazon, and I'm not surprised at all
Amazon’s Echo speakers are on another level, both in sound and functionality.

As an owner of 5 units of the 4th generation Echo Dot speaker, I can assure you that having an Echo at home makes life easier and sometimes better. After a Christmas full of great news and good prices, today I recommend the buying an echo dot 5 low price but only until 5:00 p.m. today.

Surely soon it will drop in price again, but it is not expected immediately. For now, this Echo Dot 5 stands with its €29.99 at the top of the list of best-selling electronic gadgets of the moment, and it is not for less. Having several at home is normal that people have bought and given away All in all, it’s a delightful gadget that I recommend to anyone.

echo point 5

Buy the best-selling gadget for very little

echo point 5

The 5th generation Echo Dot makes a great gift for any time of the year.

have any smart speaker It is already an advance on a day-to-day basis. But having an Echo, with Alexa built in, gets better over the yearslike wine. The Echo Dot 5 is a speaker not only for listening to music, but to which you can give various uses. I would like to recommend its purchase, even with a couple of them you could get more out of it.

  • magnificent sound: despite its small size (9.8 cm in diameter and about 300 grams in weight) it has a fairly powerful sound, with a high volume. Is suitable for rooms of about 20-30 square metersin smaller places you should use a low volume (up to 5/10 I recommend). Both for music and for cinema, they are heard very clear and with strong bass.
  • Alexa is on everything: It is the assistant that has evolved the most over time, despite being the last to appear (after Siri and Google Assistant). With Alexa you can entertain yourself listening to jokes, sung songs for herself, to know the last Newsknow the weather forecast in the area you want, find out if there are traffic on your next trip or even follow a recipe step by step. And the best feature of all, being able to control your smart devices with your voice, from light bulbs to robot vacuum cleaners or plugs.
  • multi-room: If you buy two or more Echo speakers you can configure them as one speaker group. This way you can listen to music on all of them at the same time in different places at home and without any delay. Of course, I recommend connecting them to the same router and WiFi signal.
  • Movie at home: if you don’t have one sound equipment to watch movies at homewith 2 Echo speakers you can create a fantastic sound group. Each speaker will be dedicated to each channel (right and left) taking advantage of all its power and definition in every scene.
  • and more uses: this speaker not only allows you to use it as a smart speaker over WiFi, as a Home cinema or as a multi-room, we can also use it as bluetooth speaker. You just have to connect your mobile, tablet, smart TV or computer to it through this type of connectivity.

echo point 5

knowingly I can recommend you to buy this speaker (or several of them). I use them every day to put music while breakfastwork or for a lunch or dinner with friends. I also activate the lights, the robot vacuum cleaners when I leave the house, I activate the alarms and I can also configure an endless number of smart gadgets from many brands.

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