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this is the latest Samsung patents


Samsung just received acceptance for a bunch of robotics patents in the United States.

Robots that understand pets or cyborg fingers: these are the latest Samsung patents
A Samsung kitchen robot prototype diligently preparing a vinaigrette.

Samsung already has various robotics applications in your briefcaselike this kitchen robot with humanoid fingers, the exoskeleton GEMS hip assist robot either a testing robot ass that serves to test the durability of your mobile devices, most of them presented the latest editions of CES in Las Vegas and still pending a commercial application that makes them take the leap.

In any case, the South Korean giant does not fall asleep and continues to think about robotics, because as our classmates told us SamMobileit seems that Samsung has filed several additional robot-related patents in the United States, recently receiving the acceptance of these documents by the United States Patent and Trademark Officeeither USPTO by its acronyms.

Samsung lives not only on mobiles, as its robotics division already has a lot of applications almost ready to help us at home, with our pets or to reduce our mobility limitations in the event of illnesses or health problems.

Apparently, some of the prototypes presented, such as the exoskeleton hip gemscould be very close to its final arrival in the marketswhile Samsung is now working on a technology capable of monitor movements and provide assistance to any human with mobility impairments.

This robot would be part of a family of medical and health care focused devices that is being developed by the subsidiary BotFit, in its case offering walking assistance for the elderly or those with limited mobility based on routes pre-programmed by the caregivers. This device would work safely with protection even against remote communication errors, thanks to its ISO 13849 certification.

Sources say that Samsung will try to have it ready by the end of this year 2023.

Samsung GEMS hip assist robot

The Samsung GEMS Hip Assistive Robot during its presentation at CES 2022.

As for pets, there is also news, as the Seoul-based giant has advanced with its technologies of movement monitoring to understand our pets and thus detect their emotions. So that, this round robot with two wheels that for now we have not been able to see in images will be able to move and walk with our furry friendsmonitoring their emotions in real time.

It has cameras and microphones to also detect people and other objectshear sounds from the environment and even moving with pets and their owners without any problem while walking.

Finally, they tell us from South Korea that Samsung would also be finalizing a hand cyborg with two fingers and built-in sensors that will be able to grasp and hold objects to help us with housework, along with another mini-robot sprayer that can spray disinfectants in public places to avoid contagious diseases, for example, or also to dispense perfumes in the home or similar applications.

The future is now!

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