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This mobile game is one of the most addictive you can find


The hours will fly while you play this little indie game.

This mobile game is one of the most addictive you can find
This game is addictive and does not have micropayments

The fans of the resource management games Alabama purest Stardew Valley style they are in luck lately. There are dozens of proposals Also similar to Animal Crossing. However, the one we are going to bring you today is very original and has great value since it is complete and complex but It has been developed only by a player. It’s about “Forager”, a title in which we’ll start out as a forager and we’ll end up practically building an automatic empire. Thus, it drinks from more hardcore resource management games like “Factorio” but all in a very nice, colorful and simple aesthetic.

Let’s see why “Forager” is worth every penny that costs and will allow us endless hours of vice in the palm of our hands.

This is Forager, a game that causes a sensation on Twitch

Forager is a very interesting resource management game. We are a little white doll who is on a tiny desert island where there are a number of natural resources. We are slowly earning money with this, which will allow us expand our island and develop new objects and buildings. These buildings will give us notable improvements and advantages while in parallel we are constantly harassed by quite powerful enemies. Thus, things will gradually change and what starts as a relaxed game ends up being quite complex.

Of course, the success of this game is that the game is exactly as you want. You mark the rhythm, the desire and the style that calls you the most. In this way it is totally free, you choose how you want things to be and what are the objectives that you are marking yourself. Do you want to unlock the entire map first? Perfect, you can. Prefer to go to the dungeons? Well, focus on them. The only limit will be precisely what you mark.

The game is reminiscent of many others, from the mythical “Minecraft”in which its aesthetics and collection system is very similar to “Animal Crossing” due to the concept of finding ourselves on a deserted island. There are also other much more advanced games that have a very similar style, such as “Factorio”. Although of course this is much more extreme

These are the strengths of the game:

  • It is a game of management and growth. As you progress, it gets more complicated since you will have to manage more territories that produce resources and you will have to defend them from enemies.
  • For this you will have dozens of objects, buildings and weapons to prepare yourself against the enemies and other challenges that the game offers you.
  • you will start right from the startwith a very leisurely pace and a tiny base, which will grow as you buy land. The feeling of progression is very good.
  • Basically you set your own rules so you make the progression and choose what you want to do.
  • In addition, the game has been enriched over the years, now we have puzzles and even dungeons.

The game is available on Android, iOS, PlayStation, XBOX, and PC. On Android it is priced at 5.49 euros and on iOS for 5.99 euros. It does not have micropayments or anything like that. It just has a single payment that will allow us to enjoy the whole game.

Buy “Forager” for 5.49 euros in the Google Play Store

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