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This new and original smart watch does not even cost 60 euros


With an original and resistant design, the new KUMI GT6 is an option to consider for those users looking for a cheap smartwatch that is out of the ordinary.

Perfect for your wrist: this new and original smart watch does not even cost 60 euros
The colorful design of the KUMI GT6 is one of its best assets

From today, the segment of Smart Watches with good value for money has a new contender. Launched through its global store at aliexpress under the auspices of zbanx, KUMI is already selling its new device, an original GT6 who has several aces up his sleeve capable of making things difficult even for the almighty Redmi Watch 2 Lite.

This just introduced KUMI GT6 stands out not only for its original and colorful design but also for condensing features as attractive as a autonomy for up to 20 days or a panel of 1.72 inches. If it looks good on you, you should know that it also has a special introductory discount thanks to which you can practically buy it half-price.

So just until next time January 13th this KUMI GT6 will be available on AliExpress with a discount over 40 dollars. Although this is applied automatically when adding the device to the basket, you can lower the price to a minimum by applying the code 82T9KDVDL1A2 when paying, in this way you will have the clock at home in a couple of weeks with a minimum price of little more than 50 euros.


Buy the new KUMI GT6 for 60 euros in AliExpress

And what is special about this new KUMI GT6? Well, basically, unlike other watches on the market, it comes with a design load of color that stands out because it “parts” its aluminum body in a double tone the sea of ​​original This duality is complemented by its bracelet, which extends the double color to the clasp, giving us a smartwatch. unique in its kind. Although yes, the KUMI GT6 is also available in blackthe recommended option for those users looking for a more elegant style.

KUMI GT6 colors

The new KUMI GT6 is available in 4 different color combinations

For the rest, we have a smart watch that matches the functions of practically all its competitors, including among other features a huge screen of 1.72 inches either full water resistance.

It also adds an autonomy that reaches 20 daysovercoming the week with intensive use of all its sensors, which will allow us to fully monitor our legumesof the quality of our sleep or of oxygen level that we have in the blood All this, of course, without neglecting the measurement of the physical activitywhich includes steps and distance traveled but also all the sport Let’s practice with the watch on.

In this latter sense, the KUMI GT6 can recognize up to 24 sports activities different, a very convenient extra that will help us monitor absolutely everything.

It goes without saying that the KUMI GT6 is one of the most personal we can findnot only because of its unique design, but because it allows us both swap your leash What customize home screen to our liking, something that will allow us to get even more out of its unique colouring.


If you are interested, remember that the launch offer of this KUMI GT6 will only be available until weekend. A very good opportunity to get a smart watch different from everything and with a very, very interesting price.

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